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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rapunzel's Lookbook~ Animal Ears!

While animal ears are often considered too "cosplay" for Lolita, that hasn't stopped Brands from making animal ear headdresses. I personally prefer not to wear animal ears, even though they are so cute! But yesterday I was playing with my hair to make animal ear hairstyles~ I have actually worn some of them out before :P

The photos may not be so great because I was only messing around, but here are some of the hairstyles I've done:
Lamb Ears
Pretty self-explanatory from looking at the picture. Make two half-pigtails and pull the hair only partially through the hairbinder to create a loop.

Deer Horns (ok so they're not ears, but it's similar!)
Make two half pigtails. Twist them tightly and fold in half. Secure with another hair binder.
Please note that they won't stand very straight if you make them too tall! Use bobby pins to secure the angle.
Here is an old photo from when I actually wore these as a part of an outfit:

Bunny Ears
This look is very similar to the Deer Horns, but are taller. I definitely thing that they need a hair accessory to prevent them from looking too "theme-y"
Here, you can see how they peek out from behind the hair ribbon
A side view to show the height (this was after the meetup, so it is sort of an ugly photo!)
It is done the same way as Deer Horns, but make them taller and after folding the twisted pigtail down, wrap it around the base of the ear to make a wider, more stable base. Secure it with bobby pins.

Bear Ears - small
I think this is sort of cute and fun! I would want to try it again with hair wax or some other type of styling product in order to keep the hair smooth, though.
It is done like Lamb Ears with the "ears" then fanned out and pinned down on either side to creat half-circles.

Bear Ears - large
This one is a little more complex.
Put your hair into high pigtails. Make a hole between the binder and your scalp. Pull the pigtails from BACK to FRONT. Tie a hairbinder to the END of the pigtail (this keeps the frizzies to a minimum). Now roll your hair from FRONT to BACK, which will creat a tube on your head. Secure it with bobby pins. Fan out the tube into a half-circle and secure with bobby pins.
There is another method I am thinking of trying for these ;)

If the instructions are difficult to understand, I did take in-progress photos and can make a separate, more detailed post for any of these.

Do you like animal ears in Lolita, or do you think they look too cosplay? I think animal accessories, such as usamimi, are really cute! They are sweet for themed outfits (like a bunny-theme outfit with bunny ears). Hopefully using hairstyles will find a nice balance between cosplay and fashion!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Change it Up! On Removable Hair Pieces

Hairstyles make a big impact on the overall look of an outfit. The cut, styling, and accessories can completely alter the way your coordinate looks, or even the way YOU look!

I've been contemplating getting a feathered hime cut for the past two years. While a hime cut is a staple in Lolita fashion, I was afraid I would hate the look on me, get annoyed with having something on my face, and/or be unable to keep up with the trimming!

Finally, I decided to buy clip-on bangs with the last wig group order we had. They were very cheap (around US$3-6 I think) but have passed as real hair. Clip-on bangs tend to be able to get away with cheaper fibers because you can blend it with your real hair. The surface area is also much smaller than falls, extensions, or a full wig, so even if the fibers are a bit shiny, there won't be as many of them to catch the light the wrong way.

I wore the bangs for the first time when filming a Lolita short for my schoolmate's class project (unfortunately, most of the girls involved in filming have requested to not have the film posted anywhere, so I cannot share it!)

This is how I look with bangs and my hair down.

This is with my hair in pigtails!

There are actually longer pieces at the sides, but they have blended into my natural hair so cannot be seen.

I think I look quite different compared to my normal, bangless state! I like both looks, so I won't be cutting my hair, but will definitely wear these bangs more!

They do need a bit of a trim on one side ;) The hairs kept poking me in the eye so I had to brush them out of the way, which is why there is a slight gap.

Removable hair pieces are awesome because they are not as expensive or hot as full wigs, don't need to be sewn or glued in like extensions, and provide quick, easy changes in look! Being able to blend your natural hair in with the fibers also makes them look much more real. KAMIKO has a pair of curly hair falls she wears over her natural, curled pigtails. When the falls and her natural hair are mixed together, it is near impossible to tell she is wearing falls!

Have you ever tried removable hair pieces? Or do you prefer to just take some scissors and chop away? Hair grows back, so it's really not a big deal ;) I would love to know about others' experiences!

P.S. I changed my header :) The background is of a mountain in Taiwan that I visited when I was in the summer camp I joined when I first arrived here. It was quite beautiful!!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rapunzel's LookBook

Recently I received a comment about the fact that I don't style my hair or wear makeup enough. While that may be somewhat true, a part of the reason is because I simply don't take photos of my experimental hair styles :P

So I am going to start a collection series of what I do with my hair. Even if it ends up not looking good XD Maybe it will end up inspiring some of you to try something that DOES look good! When I am bored I like to scour the Internet looking for new things to do with my hair. It is difficult to style my hair for a variety of reasons:
1) I don't use heat stylers. At all. No curling irons, straighteners, crimpers, etc. When you see my hair curled, it's because I used sponge curlers and slept in them overnight ;D
2) I don't use hair styling products. I could count the number of times I've used hairspray on one hand! My current idea of "using product in my hair" is using leave-in conditioner to make my hair soft and smooth :D
3) I prefer not to backcomb. Backcombing hair is quite damaging. It does give a lovely amount of volume, but I only backcomb my hair for special occassions and meetups. In this series, I plan on doing DAILY looks, so probably no backcombing in sight!

As you can see, that eliminates the vast majority of Lolita hair tutorials D: What can I say? I am too picky! Perhaps I am too stuck on the idea of "natural" beauty, but that is simply my style :P Braids will most likely be featured prominently in the future~

I hope this series can become useful in the future! And hopefully help me track some progress and ideas :D

Follow me!

Click on photos to make them bigger!

Photobucket Double French Braid Pigtails. Very simple if you know how to French braid. I am terrible at it, but practicing! Dress it up with cute hair ties ♥ I am using Strawberry hair ties here because I was wearing a strawberry skirt.
Point! A good variation on this style is to loop the pigtails back up if your hair is long enough!

This is a similar style, but on the side. French braid one side to the ear, then braid the other side in a wraparound style to meet with the first braid and braid them together. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to wrap the braid around your head. A mirror will be very helpful!!

Photobucket This one is super simple. Make a low side ponytail, create a hole above the ponytail holder, and flip the ponytail through. Decorate with hair corsages or ribbons of your choice. The flower clips pictured here are from Surface Spell on! I got 10 of them and they are so handy!

So these first three are quite simple, but in the future I want to post more of my hair "experiments" here ^0^v
If there are any questions, suggestions, tutorial requests, etc. please let me know in the comments!
Most of the natural long hair styles I have seen are historic reenactment styles which would work nicely for Classical Lolita, but I am hoping to find more cute or sweet styles, so if you have any pictures, links, ideas, please send them my way!
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