Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Pet Project, Getting Taiwan in Touch

A while ago I talked about how I was working on a little project that took a lot of internet time. I would like to announce what I was working on, TW_Lolita! It is a community on LiveJournal for Taiwanese Lolitas. It is very new, but I hope that after the meetup I am hosting on October 30th there will be more interest. The girls who joined seem most interested in Daily_Lolita for the variety of coordination and styling found worldwide. What has kept most other girls from joining is the language barrier, hence the dictionary and "how to use LJ" tutorial.

My hope is to help expose Taiwanese lolitas to EGL and help them learn more about the style. Compared to EGL, Taiwan is rather behind in terms of style and there is little standard of quality in the clothing. Many girls do wear Brand, but also seem unable to tell the difference between well-made quality clothing, and cheap, costume-y dresses.

Aonele, my co-mod, is also a mod on egl_comm_sales and is helping me to run the community! Two minds are better than one!

Anyway, this is just my little side project I wanted to share I am very excited and hope it grows! If anybody has any suggestions, comments, or ideas for how to run a community, I would love to hear them! This is my first time really running a community!