Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sparkle Stitches~Fancy Lolita Canotier Tutorial!

Hair accessories can really bring an outfit from casual to fancy! Recently I have become quite enthusiastic about hand-stitching some ribbon projects. This one is originally for my class, but I rewrote the instructions in English for my readers, too!

This canotier can be made in any color with many different types of material for different styles. Try it out yourself! No machine required :)

*寬緞帶 (50mm寬左右)/ Wide Ribbon (an inch or two wide)
*細緞帶 (5mm寬左右) / Narrow Ribbon (just a few mm wide)
*雷絲 / Lace
*珍珠 / Pearl Beads
*吊飾 / Charm
*針線 / Needle and Thread
*鐵梳子 / Wire Comb

NOTE: I did a previous tutorial on making ribbon roses here where there are more detailed instructions!
1) 將寬緞帶從右邊開始捲。 捲2-3圈用針線固定住。
Starting from the right side of the ribbon, roll it 2-3 times and stitch.

2) 左邊多出來的緞帶往後折45度角,在繼續從右邊捲。 用針線固定
Fold the ribbon on the left side away from you and continue rolling from the right side, stitching as you go.

3) 繼續邊折邊捲直到花朵到你想要的大小。
Continue folding, rolling, and stitching until the rose is the size you want.

4) 花朵縫完再用細緞帶做葉子。
Using thin ribbon, create loops and stitch for the leaves.

5) 把花花的根往旁邊壓扁縫死。
Fold over the stem and stitch it flat.

6) 用兩條細緞帶縫到10cm長的寬緞帶上。
Sew two lines of thin ribbon onto a length of thick ribbon (about twice as long as you want your final ribbon to be).

7) 把寬緞帶縫成圈,再把中間折成蝴蝶結用線固定。
Sew the wide ribbon into a loop and gather the center into a ribbon-shape.

8) 用一小段寬緞帶折一半縫在蝴蝶結中央。
Take a short section of wide ribbon, fold in half width-wise, and secure around the center of the main body.

9) 剪一段雷絲邊抽細折,縫成圈。 可以多加幾成雷絲比較華麗。
Cut a length of lace and gather it into a circle. The length depends on the thickness of your lace and the fullness of your circle. Add more layers for more elegance!

10) 把花朵和蝴蝶結縫在雷絲圈上。 再把珍珠和吊飾串成一串縫上去。
Arrange your flowers and ribbon on the lace and stitch them down. Thread your pearls and charm onto a string and stitch them in place.

11) 將頭飾縫到一段寬緞帶上, 下方能縫梳子幫忙固定就完成了!
Attach the finished canotier onto a long length of wide ribbon (long enough to tie into a big bow under your chin) and secure a wire comb on the underside for extra security. You are finished!

POINT! Using a wide ribbon for the tying-on ribbon prevents a double-chin and makes a more beautiful bow. If you really want to use thinner ribbon, you can try tying it under your hair behind your head instead. You may need more bobby pins to secure it to your head in this case!

I hope this tutorial was helpful to some of you! This canotier and others are available for sale on my Etsy Shop!