Friday, December 15, 2017

Fun New Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of those boring tasks nobody likes to do, but it is so necessary.  Dirty brushes can harbor bacteria and bacteria-face is not Lolita! After the washing you need to hang the brushes up somewhere so the water doesn't loosen the glue in the ferrel. After seeing this brush-washing kit which claims to clean and wash brushes in 30 seconds, I decided to give it a try.

Overall it does do what it claims to do. I think I added a bit too much water this time, but it still effectively cleaned most of my brushes. For cream products such as concealer or eyeshadow primer, the spinning action doesn't cause enough friction for the cream to dissolve out so I'd suggest doing a preliminary wash by hand for creams and then using this system for a second cleanse plus drying.

I was also impressed that it was able to clean the dense face brush as I'd assumed it would not be powerful enough to create space between the bristles.  The system is also just plain fun to use! Maybe I'm easily amused, but I've been having fun cleaning my brushes after use ever since I bought this set.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? I don't wear makeup on a daily basis so I used to wash my brushes every month or so... still yucky! Now I wash them right after using them which not only leaves them ready for my next makeup application which may use lighter colors, but also is more sanitary!

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great day

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