Wednesday, July 25, 2018

First Wig! Long Wavy/Curly Pink Wig

I just received my first wig!  I opted for an affordable one as I wasn't sure if I'd really like wearing a wig, but the quality is still quite good on this one.  I do think it is obviously a wig, but not in an ugly or plastic sort of way.

I got this wig from Global Free Shipping for Vintage Fashion Apparels and Accessories  (affiliate link) and it arrived in 11 days.  Overall I am impressed with this wig and will need to try it on again when it's not so hot!!  I'll need to lighten my eyebrows as well, I think.

This satisfies my pink hair dreams!  I've never colored my hair so wigs are a good solution for me.  If you could have any color/texture hair, what would you choose?

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