Monday, August 6, 2018

Limited Coupon Code for my Readers

Hello my lovelies!  You may recall my previous posts about some shopping online I did.  I've since done a video and got an exclusive coupon code for my readers!

GET 12% OFF with Code "Glazia01" for all orders at all orders at! Ends: 12/31/2018 
Enjoy $2 OFF $20+, $6 OFF $50+ and $13 OFF $100+ with Code "Glazia02" for all orders at! Ends: 12/31/2018 

Honestly I think the voiceover video was really terrible ^^;  I was trying to make my voice lower because being nervous makes my voice higher but may have overcompensated....  Hope you enjoy seeing the clothes in action anyway!

Rosegal has lots of Lolita-friendly vintage style clothing as well.  I personally prefer the Gothic styles (I search keywords "Halloween" "lace" "black" to get the Gothic styles) on the site and can't wait for cooler weather to wear the bat dress out!!

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