Started as a Lolita fashion blog, ABC Lolita now covers subculture fashion and beauty in general.

Here you can see some of my daily life, some tutorials (check the Sparkles Stitches tab or tag!), and other interesting snippets.

Some background: My parents moved from Taiwan to the USA where I was born. I grew up in a fairly traditional Chinese/Taiwanese household, and I moved to Taiwan for uni where I majored in Fashion Design at Shih Chien University. After living and working in Taipei for 9 years, I'm now back in the USA, though I don't know for how long...

My main fashion love is Lolita fashion. The best online resource to learn about this that I've found is Lolibrary, if you are unfamiliar. (Note: it is not a shop, only an informative site.)

In 2016 I began to also experiment with makeup and have been branching out into other fashion styles as well.  You can see my sweet, Harajuku, fairy, and other bright styles on my instagram @_sparklewolfie_  and my more random Gothic, punk, Pokemon or Monster Hunter theme, and cyberkei looks on my other instagram @white_bones .  

I'm always open to questions and suggestions, so don't be afraid to leave comments or connect with me on facebook or instagram! (I don't have facebook push notifications on, however, so instagram is probably a better bet for messages)

If you'd like to interact in real time, I do stream on Twitch (completely not fashion related - it's mostly Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, with some other puzzle and mystery games thrown in!)  You can see the non-fashion, non-beauty interests I have ^u^v

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