Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am Sparklewolfie.  This blog will mostly be about my life in Taiwan, almost exclusively in the Taipei (northern Taiwan) area. My parents moved from Taiwan to the USA where I was born and grew up in a fairly traditional Chinese household, and I returned to Taiwan for uni where I majored in Fashion Design at Shih Chien University.

Here, I will post often about fashion, events, and daily life. My main fashion style is Lolita fashion. The best online resource to learn about this is Lolibrary, if you are unfamiliar.(note: it is not a shop, only an archive.)

In 2016 I began to also experiment with makeup and have been branching out into other fashion styles as well.  You can see my sweet, Harajuku, fairy, and other bright styles on my instagram @_sparklewolfie_  and my Gothic, punk, and cyberkei looks on my other instagram @white_bones .  
In addition to daily life, I also post sewing and craft tutorials (check the Sparkle Stitches page) and even previously tried to launch my own line of Lolita clothing, Carousel Cafe Fashion (seen in the English GLB 2. That was my very first fashion show!).  

Currently my goals have changed and I'm trying to find what I really would like to do long-term. I know I still want to create unique and fun fashion pieces, and will continue to share! 

This blog is just a diary-type blog where I post my thoughts, meetup reports, Lolita News, tutorials, and some information on Taiwan, though I try to keep Taiwan posts only to big news or Lolita-related.

Feel free to leave a comment, connect with me on facebookGoogle +, or email me at theabclolita@gmail

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