Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Picture Story

TADA! OK, I don't think you can really tell from the photos, but this is my trip from Taipei to Bangkok (breakfast plane food and Thailand airport) and then from Bangkok to India (vegetarian plane food and then Mumbai airport)

So, really I will not be able to update much because internet connection is not guaranteed here but I hope at least it is interesting for readers :)  I am here with my boyfriend for the st+art Mumbai event, so he will be busy doing his artwork and I will do translation work at the headquarters and go shopping and such when others have time because it is safer to travel in groups for women.

Hope everybody else is having a grand time!  India is vastly different from any place I've ever been before; still very distinct culture of their own, extremely mixed rich and poor places, and worse traffic than Taipei... Autorickshaws are pretty awesome transport here!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Work in progress

Been so busy making a mockup of the first outfit I will make for my final line.  I'm going to India for three weeks so I will probably have to hurry my progress and will do a more complete update!

This year my line is called Sweetie Love and is basically just ice cream and cakes mashed with Teddy bears and bunnies because why not? (My teacher did not like my theme...)

Life had gotten so busy!  I have two Lolita meetups this month before I leave on the 17th, need to do this cute fashion line, and have a fitting and completion of a men's vest for a singer in a local band.  Haven't got time to even go to work haha.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Art Taipei 2014

On Sunday I wore Lolita and went to fun international art exhibit at the world trade center

There weren't too many artworks I really loved but I took photos of my favorites!

I took this photo with a stranger who was very sweet and polite when asking for a photo

Pretending to be on candy drugs

This artist had a series of melting sweets that I found fitting for my current fashion design class line

Two different artists.  The first photo is masked off acrylic and the second and third are multidimensional pictures that change as you move!


I loved this floating cloud series which was made with layers of glass that each had a different pattern sprayed on so when viewed from the front it appears to be a fluffy cloud

House of knives and extreme farsightedness

Adding Teddy to the artworks