Saturday, August 31, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Sebastian Masuda

The last artist spotlight of the month!  Sensational kawaii artist Sebastian Masuda (website)(instagram) is immensely popular, with international shows and probably best-known for fashion brand 6% Doki Doki (instagram)!
Za X Sebastiam Masuda powder compact
I bought this Za X Sebastian Masuda compact just for the art, but it turns out I really enjoy the powder foundation too and bought a refill for it before I left Taiwan.  His art is usually super cluttered and detailed.  The more you look at an arrangement, the more you see!

Some people may find it too messy, but I sort of enjoy that messy kawaii aesthetic when it's a small item like this ^u^v  I'm not sure how I'd feel in one of his installation art rooms!

Is this heaven or hell to you?

Image from his instagram
If you're ever in Tokyo, visit Kawaii Monster Cafe (instagram) for a taste of what it's like!  I was so exhausted when I visited that I fell asleep there and missed the performance show T^T  But have some photos to share!

The lighting inside is rather poor, so if you want to take prettier photos, bring an extra light with you!!
Kawaii cake!

Artist Palette Pasta!

He also made the art of "Yoshi's Crafted World" in the TV commercial (side note: that game is ADORABLE!  I played the demo!)
Image from instagram
As for the 6% Doki Doki style, I enjoy the busy prints as accent pieces, but I don't know if I'd dress head-to-toe in Doki Doki?  Of course, the shop staff all ROCK the sensational pop kawaii style!
Image from 6% Doki Doki instagram

Image from 6% Doki Doki instagram
Do you enjoy this style of art?  It's different from the previous artists I've posted about, as he is not an illustrator, but I really enjoy this as well!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Suicune Battle!

Pokemon Makeup again!
Saturday was the Pokemon Go Suicune battle event where gyms had Suicune available from 16:00-19:00.  I went to the Mall of America with my sister and we battled four gyms there.  She caught all four Suicune but I only caught one!  Luckily, I had a couple from the first time it was available, so it's not too bad~

I thought for a long time about how to best express Suicune in a wearable look, and ended up with this!  I didn't draw the diamonds on because I couldn't do it cleanly, but I wish I had diamond crystals or chunky glitter to use on my cheeks instead!

Here's also a short video I posted to my Instagram on the process of doing the look.  I know that my skills aren't very clean and accurate yet, but I like to share the ideas and process so others can try it out too!  If you've got better skills, it'll look better ^^;

Did you participate in the battles on Saturday?  Which legendary dog is your favorite Pokemon?  I like all three to be honest, but Suicune is definitely very beautiful!  I've also done a Raikou look before, so maybe I should do an Entei one next...

Bonus Raikou look

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Some Good News and Some Bad News

Life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs recently!
-Sister got a job, moving to Seattle (yay!)
-Need new housemate because I cannot afford the rent alone (boo!)
-Friend found a friend who needed a place too (yay!)
-Other housemate is moving at the end of the lease, so we need another housemate (boo!)
-Got appointment with work center on Wednesday (yay!)
-New housemate will not move in if another housemate is not found (boo!)

So I may or may not need to move somewhere, which then also affects where I can work @_@;;
Basically putting all my thoughts on hold until Wednesday when I can check with the work center to see what type of jobs I qualify for and whether it will be enough for me to afford rent so we can rent the house with just two of us.

In other news, check this outfit I put together with clothes my sister bought for me from Gen Con!
T-shirt, Leggings: Savage Sparrow (gift from my sister!)
Skirt: WEGO
Bag, Shoes: Swimmer Japan
The leggings have a print of Magikarp and shiny Gyarados on them!  And the T-shirt is ultra cute:

Things aren't going great but at least I look cute with Pokemon gear ^^;  Keep thinking positive!!

Who's your favorite shiny Pokemon?  Mine is probably Ponyta!!  Blue fire is good fire :3  Also I just like Ponyta~

Friday, August 9, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Meredith Dillman

Today's artist spotlight is on fantasy and fairy artist Meredith Dillman (website) (deviantART) (instagram) who is from Minnesota! If you are a fan of Art Nouveau, fantasy, fairies, and Asian aesthetics with highly-detailed clothing and backgrounds, you'll really love her style!  I appreciate the watercolor and colored pencil look especially.

Work in progress
Image from instagram
In addition to prints, she also produces enamel pins, charms, books, coloring books, and has an oracle deck, all available on her website.
Image from deviantART
Image from deviantART
Personally I adore the attention to detail in the folds of the fabrics and how there is depth and color variation in the light and shadows.  There are probably too many folds to be realistic, but I really enjoy the draped effect it gives! 
High Priestess
Image from website
My love for fantasy art came from the days of Amy Brown and Nene Thomas fairy art at Hot Topic ages ago.  While I do still enjoy those artists, Meredith's style has more whimsy and fantasy that I find so alluring!  I do also recommend Nene Thomas for more photorealistic artwork and Gothic aesthetics though~

Do you have a favorite fantasy/fairy artist?  I've named my top three here but I'd like to see more!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Pokemon Go Ralts Community Day

Yesterday was Community Day for Pokemon Go!  I played at a park nearby, but it rained about an hour in so I had to go home.  Still got two shiny Ralts (one I evolved) and also evolved a female one too!
There is a bunny!
Did some Ralts makeup too ^u^v  I like the pink glitter~

Pokemon makeup!

OK that's really all :P  Not much else has been going on with me.  Been in Adult Day Treatment for the past two weeks and I think it's helpful so far.  I hope I can find a job soon though @_@;;  That would be the biggest relief!

Did you play for Community Day?