Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vegetarian Meetup Outfit

This is quite a belated micro-post! We had a vegetarian-themed meetup a few weeks ago. The word for "vegetarian" is 素 which is also the word for solid-color (i.e., no prints) clothing. So the challenge for this meetup was to wear NO PRINTS!

This is my outfit shot:

I did my hair a different way this time; still cannot decide if it looks silly or not! Sort of like floppy dog/bunny ears~

Teddy is also wearing a 素 outfit ;)

The restaurant we went to was called "Egg Milk Tree" because the word for "tree" 樹(shu) is pronounce similarly to 素(su) so "lacto-ovo vegetarian" sounds like "egg milk tree"!

Wow, this post is just full of puns ^^;

Sunday, August 24, 2014


It is the day after my surgery and today has been much better!  The eye drops don't sting nearly as much though my eyes do get tired more easily and I am not supposed to have too much screen time.

Tomorrow I am getting a follow-up check.  It has been a real blessing to wake up and just... See.  I find myself needing to break glasses and contacts habits, such as rwching up to adjust my glasses or thinking I need to remove contacts or glasses before going to bed!  Twenty one years of habit!

I also need to wear celebrity style glasses when I go out to protect my eyes until they heal, so I've been extra stylish~

At night I have these two clear protectors I take to my face haha!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Gosh my last post was short and quick! I won't go into what happened because. I'm not out of it yet.  On the bright side, on Thursday I was approved for laser vision correction!  Due to how severe my eyesight is plus astigmatism I had  to get the thickness of my eye checked or something. But it was all clear and I made my appointment for Saturday, which was in two days!

In the days leading up to the surgery, the doctor asked me to watch my fire and avoid foods that raise fire.  This may be difficult to explain in English, but basically stimulating foods such as fried, grilled, and spicy foods were to be avoided to reduce the amount of eyelid oil produced.

I am also supposed to be sleeping early but I am trying out mobile blogging!

There may be more microposts in the future from me if I work out how this phone and Android is work.  I'm quite technology challenged

Anyway, I will blog tomorrow after the operation!  I'm excited to see whY it is like to be able to see clearly upon waking ,which is something I have never done because my poor vision started before I even started school!  It may seem like a small thing to people with less severe vision problems, but when you are reliant on glasses to do anything at all, it is a big issue!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quick update to let you know that some awful things have happened in my personal life recently and I will not be updating for a while. Once things get sorted and I am clear I will come back to here.
Thank you for following, reading, and commenting to all the people who have done so! It makes me happy to see it :)