Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Upcoming

Working two jobs during finals is stupid. Just so you all know. Hope everybody had a lovely Christmas! I will post some Secret Santa photos and also a last minute tea party for Angelic Pretty model RinRin Dolly in Taipei! I JUST got home from the tea party and it was quite fantastic!

I do apologize for the lack of posts :P Hope everybody not in Asia is enjoying their winter break!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Meetup Report~Le Petit Fruit Cafe (And Mr. Poison)

Yesterday (12/18) The Taipei Lolitas got together for a little meetup!
I ended up being an hour late because I got off at the wrong stop, and then waited 45 minutes for another Lolita. And then we got in a taxi who couldn't find the cafe...

Photo of our backs!

And as promised, here is photos of the skirt to pants salopette I made:

The cafe was super cute! The mascot is an adorable rabbit with sharp teeth. They also sell some merchandise with this mascot on it. Very cute!



Cookies Milk. Not as good as I thought it would be haha!

After the meetup I went out with KAMIKO to another shopping district and went to eat at Mr. Poison (strange name, I know...)

I discovered the magic that is ice cream + coffee!! SO good. Try it sometimes!

I ended up not being able to finish this... I just left some rice behind!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It Smells Like Holiday Season

Having grown up in America for 20 years, I am sad to say that my family never actually did the whole eggnog an gingerbread house thing for Christmas. Sure, we had a Christmas tree and I'm pretty sure we did a popcorn string... once... when we were very young...

My friends in Taiwan like to ask me about life in America and I feel like a pretty fail American ^^; But this year my sister and her husband and I got together and made some proper eggnog and a real gingerbread house with real gingerbread!!

It was very fun, even though our gingerbread house looks like a kindergarten craft project, I want to share it!!!

This is the mini tool-shed I made to go with our house as a teaser photo. You know you want to see everything else!

First up: My first eggnog!

I made this by hand! It was quite easy. I reduced the rum from 500ml to 100ml because... my sister and I have terrible alcohol tolerance ^^;

Being very precise about our gingerbread house

My cookies~


My sister and her husband. Working hard. Lots of focus.

All put together!

The fantastic chimney blows my mind!!!

The heads of gummy bears. We may have had a bit too much eggnog at this point



Other Side

I brought this home and our house smells fantastically like gingerbread now, and it has made me excited for Christmas!

How do you celebrate the holiday season? Any family traditions or fun crafts/recipes? Fun memories? I want to know!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Gloom

There has been an unfortunate invasion of The Gloom. It attacks during periods of stress, insomnia, and rainy weather.

The Gloom is the reason for a lack of posts recently. That, plus I actually am not too sure what to post about! I should probably take more outfit shots, but tend to forget because Lolita is quite the norm for me so I don't even think about it!

Recently I have been doing quite a bit of sewing, so there will probably be a sewing post soon :) I made a skirt-to-pants salopette based on the Putumayo transforming dress:

I am not a fan of the JSK style or full-shirring, so I made it a salopette instead. I plan to wear it to the Lolita meetup on the 20th, so photos will come then!

In addition to that, I have also successfully made a MAGICAL WALLET that separates bills from coins when you throw them all in.

I made it as a Secret Santa gift based on a design I saw at the Design Expo I went to in mid-October. Unfortunately, everything was behind glass and it was quite difficult to tell how the wallet was made, so I had to make everything up. After a failed attempt (it was still a functional wallet, so I gave it to my sister) I finally figured out how to layer the fabrics to make it MAGICAL!

While not strictly Lolita, this wallet is a good way to use up excess scraps from previous sewing projects (all those bloomers and JSKs leave quite a bit of random scraps!) so if there is any interest, I can write a tutorial for the wallet. It is not difficult, and makes a nice gift! I have already made another one to send to a Lolita girlfriend back in MN. Having a cute wallet to match your outfit is pretty important, right?

If I do more sewing tutorials, would you prefer video format or photo format as I have been doing previously?
I have been considering doing video tutorials because sometimes it is easier to show on video than in photos, but I don't have a good video editor so it may not end up being better. Maybe MS Paint + photos is actually better XD

Let me know if you have a preference (or should I do both??) or any tutorial requests!