Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barbie Cafe in Taipei

Lolita has brought many stranger together, and today I finally got to meet an online Lolita friend, Helen/Elenoa! We went to the Barbie Cafe in Taipei ^_^v and walk around and chat. It was pouring out, but we were too fab to care.

 photo WP_001159_zpsa8282726.jpg

It's been over a year since I wore Lolita, so today felt extra good! I also tried a new makeup shadow look using vertical gradient, which I'd avoided before due to having double lids, which creates a "break" in the colors. It's difficult to tell here, but I decided to mix blue and pink below and above my crease so it's extra cool:
 photo WP_001154_zpsf2ec2663.jpg

The Barbie Cafe is EXTREMELY pink and fluffy! I'll just let you see some photos we took:
 photo WP_001147_zpse9f051f2.jpg

 photo WP_001144_zps474c58ce.jpg

 photo WP_001143_zps2ec327c1.jpg
Me when I'm normal

 photo WP_001134_zpsfb2b3625.jpg
This is actually the door to a bathroom stall in the bathroom!

 photo WP_001128_zpsea383c64.jpg
I'm a Barbie Girl

 photo WP_001127_zpsfbaf284f.jpg
With Barbie ice cream

 photo WP_001121_zpsed8caf18.jpg
Helen is a Barbie Girl with bedazzled salt and pepper shakers. The backlight was strong and I tried to fix it on Google+ haha! She's not really that red/pink!

 photo WP_001110_zps1d24dec7.jpg
My face is really strained here because I am not good at self-taking photos... check out Barbie's perfect smile instead!!!

 photo WP_001097_zps31709589.jpg
This is the outside so you can't miss it! BRIGHT LIGHTS SCREAMING BARBIE!!!!

 photo WP_001095_zps7b24505b.jpg
Here is a quick outfit shot of the day!
Outfit Rundown:
bolero, sweater, tights: Offbrand
biscuit bag: a shop on (I don't remember it because it was a group order!)
shoes: AN*TAI*NA
everything else: handmade by me

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sale Post on my Storenvy!

Wow the break really goes by fast! I am back at work and busy as ever. My mom is also moving house and I need to clear out some of my clothes so I have to sell or throw away many items. I've already thrown away two bags of clothes, but I'd like to offer some for cheap on my shop!
The shop link is here.
Thanks for your time!