Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Detective Pikachu

It's been a while since I've updated as I've moved across the planet (again)!  I moved to the USA at the end of April and will be starting work this week.  Yesterday I went to see Detective Pikachu with my friend and my sister.  No spoilers ahead!

Hat: offbrand
Jacket: Nasty Gal
Shirt: customized by me
Bag: Swimmer Japan
SK: Algonquins
Socks/Shoes: offbrand
Overall I enjoyed the movie for the world that was created, and the plot itself was pretty meh.  The beginning seemed better than the end, which felt a little bit rushed.  The realistic Pokemon were pretty cool overall, though some of the fur textures seemed rather stiff and the feathers looked like they were ruffled or wet all the time rather than how they look on real birds when dry.  I've seen the artist's work online before, so I already knew the renditions would be hit-or-miss for me.  LOVE the Bulbasaur though!

I think it'd be cool to see the concept art for the world in order to really study the details.  I also which the voice actor for Detective Pikachu had been somebody with a more "uncle" type voice.  If you've ever played the 3DS Detective Pikachu game (or the free demo) you'll know what I'm talking about XD

We only paid US$5 to see this movie because it was on a Tuesday and some theaters have $5 Tuesdays I guess!  So I'd say it's worth $5 but I probably wouldn't want to pay much more than that, and don't think it'd be worth seeing in 3D, especially with one section in a forest that was just very drawn-out and confusing with all the angle changes.  It was pretty easy to figure out what was going on long before the characters did, so it was just awkward watching them flail around and almost headache-inducing with the sideways flipping camera changes and stuff.

The ending credits are well done too!  I think that's what it's called :P  At the end of the movie where they list some of the key actors with some illustrations, before the endroll with all the behind-the-scenes employees plays.

Have you seen Detective Pikachu/played the game or plan to?  Who's your favorite Pokemon?  I really have too many favorites XD  And it's mostly based on the anime rather than their effectiveness in battle!