Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fruit Platter Meetup

The most commonly seen fruit prints in Lolita fashion are, by far, the strawberry and the cherry.  However, for the month of September our meetup theme was "fruit, NO REPEATS" submitted by me!  Of course cherry and strawberry were called right away and even I had to really scour my prints to find some other fruit.  In the end, I found a red fruit topping on cupcakes on my Magic Bunny Tea Party JSK that I declared a cranberry.  Pass!

I also did my makeup differently this time!  I went for a lighter approach in regards to color, only doing a bit of shading in the orbital socket curve with a mix of pink and brown.  I finished off my eyes with a thin line of eyeliner and half-lashes on the outer corners. I also moved my blush location higher up on my cheekbones, and closer to my eyes.  This is the result:
Can you even tell??  The sunlight was harsh
We went to Jamling Cafe, which specializes in thick pancakes!  I ordered an apple cinnamon flavor to keep with the fruit theme  ^u^  They actually had savory flavors such as curry and okonomiyaki!
Teddy modeling my food
Of course she fit the theme as well!
Absolutely delicious!

The space was small, so we took the group photo outside.  I obscured everybody's faces with the fruit they each represented:
Fun fact: that strawberry purse was the first thing I group ordered! It's falling apart ;_; RIP I will probably have to retire it now.

Strawberry and cranberry representatives!


Only three of us actually had wrist stops an rings on  ^_~
And for anybody who noticed, yes, I did have a fringe/bangs that day!  They are my handy dandy clip-on ones ^u^  I feel like I've worn this coordinate too frequently and wanted to change up the look with new hair and new shoes.

Just for fun, how many different fruits can you find in your Lolita wardrobe?  After careful combing, I really only have strawberry, cherry, and "cranberry" -_-;;   Is this an excuse to buy more prints now??