Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fashion University: Blooming Blossom

SUMMER BREAK!!!!!! Woohoo I just had my first day of summer break yesterday :)
My final project was to design an outfit for a brand so naturally I did BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT
Here are some photos from my photoshoot:

I'm using the "Photobucket Stories" function so I hope this works properly!
ABCLolita's Story

I made a matching outfit for my teddy bear, haha! I've started a fanpage for her on facebook here which shows more of my quick, personal life since I don't take many photos of myself. I feel like it's easier to just take photos of my teddy bear haha!

My headdress I made for this look is something I'm proud of. It was made using a traditional method of accessory-making we learned about in Chinese Clothing History by the Hakka people of Taiwan. Since they didn't have as much money or access to precious metals and gems, they made their hair accessories using wire, embroidery thread, paste, and plain cardboard. It was quite difficult and time-consuming to make, and I actually used loads of double-sided tape to help the thread stay in place because I couldn't do it without!

The building in the background is the Taipei Story House, which is incredibly cute! It was closed at the time we were taking photos so we couldn't get photos in the surrounding gardens, but getting the second-story background was quite lovely too :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day after Summer International Loliday Meetup! NO LACE

I forgot I hadn't posted about this meetup from June 8! It was another challenge theme meetup: NO LACE
It should come as no surprise that putting together an entire coordinate with zero lace was quite difficult so I actually ended up going with a casual punk Lolita style (at least I got to wear my studded booties!)

 photo P1090327_zps34b79419.jpg
Group photo!

My Outfit:
 photo P1090267_zps5527a8c2.jpg

I added the bolero later because we'd done a group order and were picking up our goods! So yes, there is a bit of lace on the bolero but it didn't count!

For Lolitas who accidentally wore a bit of lace (headdresses and socks were the most common places to overlook) DORO had prepared a funny pair of glasses from Daiso Japan to wear during the self-introduction section. We all ended up having too much fun with the glasses and all took photos!

 photo P1090190_zps9cc2b83e.jpg
Very stylish~

How did you celebrate Internationa Loliday?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lolita Styles (by Misako Aoki)

Most Lolitas are already familiar with the basic styles, but the Western and Eastern definition of the styles seem to differ a bit.

This video shows Misako Aoki describing and modeling different styles. Traditional Lolita is what used to be Sweet Lolita, and Sweet Lolita now is a bit more Deco (though not full-on Deco Lolita) and I really like both!

I like the variety shown, though I wouldn't really say a fur beret is "toning down" an outfit at all ;D

What is your favorite style mentioned? How about the one not mentioned (the video only covers the major styles)
I love Sweet Lolita and Traditional Lolita the most! And my favorite substyle is Punk Lolita for sure :3