Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lolita Meme 21-30

(21) 趣味は何ですか?(What are your hobbies?)
sewing, crochet (though I hardly do that any more...), clay, daydreaming, blogging!
I actually really love art too, and like to draw and paint though I am honestly no good at either!

(22) 愛用の香水があれば、教えて下さい。(If you have any favourite perfumes, please tell us.)
I love sweet smells! My total favorite is Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci!
But I also really love Miss Dior Cherie, Dior Addict Shine, D&G Light Blue, J'adore, and some others :3
I work at Duty Free, and we sell perfumes, so I keep getting old testers and change smell all the time! Currently my obsession is DKNY. I love the Candy Apple series! The Sweet Caramel smells like caramel, but not in a "I SMELL LIKE CANDY!" way, in a soft, subtle way. PureDKNY is a "drop of vanilla" and also light and subtle. Love them! The entire Be Delicious line smells like apples and is awesome too!

(23) ロリィタする上での「コレだけは気をつけている」ということはありますか?(Is there anything you are careful of in lolita?)
I do my best not to get into other people's way with my fluff :3

(24) 主によく出没する所は何処ですか?(Do you have any favourite haunts to go to in lolita?)
not really... I go wherever I usually go :D

(25) 週に何回くらいロリィタですか?(how many times a week do you dress lolita?)
eh... a lot ^^; I rarely take daily outfit shots though!

(26) ロリィタ初心者時に仕出かした恥ずかしいエピソードを教えて下さい。(Please tell us an embarrassing story when you were a beginner in lolita.)
my first skirt. End of story. XD

(27) アナタの今の髪型と色は?(Your current hairstyle and colour.)
all natural :3
straight and brown with red and sometimes gold highlights. Mostly just brown though :D And darker on top than at the ends
I sort of want to get a feathered hime cut... not sure if it will look good though, so I am scared to do it!

(28) ロリィタ歴はどのくらい?(What is your lolita history?)
eh... I don't know... I actually got into the style in 2006, and started wearing in 07 I think

(29) 専用の衣装収納場所がありますか?(Do you store your clothes in a special place?)
My closet :D

(30) 今までロリィタを止めようと思ったことはありますか? また、その理由は?(Did you ever think about stopping Lolita? What was the reason?)
No... Sometimes when it is not appropriate to wear lolita fashion, I will dress down and wear just skirt-pants and t-shirts. I am thinking of getting into gyaru style because it does not stand out as much and there are no big big skirts that get in the way of other people!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiana's Kitchen~New Orlean Style Beignets

Sorry for the lack of update! My laptop has died so I am using my mom's at the moment ^^;

Last week I made some beignets! After watching Disney's Princess and the Frog at the December Lolita Meetup, I became obsessed with those delicious looked squares of fried bread topped with clouds of powdered sugar. Unfortunately, I did not know what they were called, and therefore could not search for a recipe! Luckily, in the egl tinychat one night I asked, and one of the girls told me that they were called "beignets". Also known as French Donuts, these scrumptious pieces of fried dough were really not that hard to make!

After making these, I found out that there is actually a cookbook based on Tiana! It retails for $10.99 on Disney Books or for $7.91 (and eligible for free shipping) on Amazon

This is the beignet recipe I used. The original instructions are in print and my added comments are in bold

New Orleans Style Beignet Recipe

1 Envelope Active Dry Yeast
3/4 Cup Water (110 degrees F)
1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1 Beaten Egg
1/2 Cup Evaporated Milk
3 1/2 – 3 3/4 Cups A.P. Flour
1/8 Cup Shortening
Vegetable Oil for Frying
Powdered Sugar in a shaker or sifter


Combine the Yeast, Water, and Sugar in the work bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook (You could also make this in a food processor, or the old fashioned way, by hand). Let this sit until frothy, about 5 minutes, my mom says it is better to first dissolve the sugar into the water, then sprinkle the yeast on top so the yeast can use the sugar as food

then add the Salt, Egg, and Evaporated Milk. Mix on low speed, then add half of the flour until it starts to come together, then add the shortening. We replaced the shortening with butter XD It would probably be better to melt the butter first because it will mix better than solid chunks!

When the shortening is incorporated start adding the remaining flour, a little at a time until most of it is incorporated.

At this time I always turn the dough onto a floured bench to finish by hand, just like when I make bread; it’s a touch thing. Knead the dough adding just enough flour as necessary to make a non-sticky, smooth dough. Place the dough into a large oiled bowl, loosely cover and let rise (I made mine last night and let it rise overnight in the refrigerator).I let mine rise for a whole day in the fridge because we went to a party ^^;
Though if you are making this all in one go, just let it rise for a couple of hours in a warm place until the dough doubles


After the dough has doubled in bulk, punch it down and turn it onto a floured surface and roll out into a rectangle that is about 1/2″ thick.

With a very sharp knife working at a diagonal to the rectangle, cut into 2″ wide strips.

Now cut into diamond shapes by making diagonal cuts in the opposite direction.

Place the Beignets on a floured baking sheet to let rise about 40 minutes in a warm place (I place them in a barely warm oven). We put it in a 200 deg F oven and opened the door every 10 minutes or so to prevent heat building up too much and cooking the dough

When the Beignets have risen, heat 2-3 inches of vegetable oil in a large saucepan to 350-360 degrees. Test the oil by sticking a wood/bamboo chopstick into the oil. If tiny bubbles start to come up then that means that the oil is hot enough! Or you can test by dropping a scrap piece of beignet dough into the oil. It should float up quickly and start to brown
This is our draining station :D Paper towels over cooling racks!

Place 2-3 Beignets into the hot oil at a time, being careful not to smash or deflate them. When they are golden brown, flip them over until golden brown on the other side (They go pretty quickly so start checking them right after they go into the oil). The beignets will be very puffy! I accidentally smashed a few before I figured out that using a spatula wiggled under them would keep them puffy. Then carefully sliding them into the oil, and turning with chopsticks

Remove to paper towel lined plates to drain.

Serve hot topped with plenty of powdered sugar (because the dough doesn’t contain much sugar, you will want a lot!). Best served with Cafe au Lait. Enjoy!

Makes about 2 dozen.
It also tastes good by itself I found :D I don't always like to eat too sweet, so when I do not want too sweet I eat it without sugar!

Try making this for a potluck meetup!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doll Face~My Queen Feb. 15 on EyeMake

女人我最大is a TV show in Taiwan that I enjoy to watch. I found it on YouTube luckily, so I can watch it here too!

Today's episode was on eyemake. It showcases two girls who look completely different before and after. See for yourself:

While they DO look very cute in the after pictures, they look completely different! Makeup should emphasize your good points and cover your flaws, not completely reshape your eyes and make you nearly unrecognizable

That being said, there were some good tips from the series that I would like to share with you today!

Lolitas cherish the big doll-eye look, which can be achieved with false lashes, skilled application of eyeliner, circle lens, and eyeshadow. Many Asians have monolids unfortunately, which effectively makes for a smaller eye. Therefore eyelid tape is popular. SUN uses eyelid tape in the episode, and explains that she actually applies it upside down for more propping power. Eyelid tape is cut at a bit of a curve. Usually it is applied in a frowny-face manner, meaning it follows the contour of your eye. SUN applied it in a happy-face manner, because the slightly pointing up edges helped to hold her fold in place better. YMMV
Here is a tutorial for cutting your own eyelid tape if you don't want to go out and buy it!
constant use of eyelid tape may result in some problems in the long run!
*sagginess - repeated pulling off of the tape can cause the delicate eye skin to sag earlier in life
*allergy - be careful if you have sensitive skin! The adhesive may make a reaction for you
*discomfort - you are wearing tape on your eyelids. It will feel strange at first, but most people get used to the feeling after a while :)

More tips mentioned in the video:
*Apply eyelid tape after foundation, but before powdering. The powder makes the tape less sticky
*Organize your makeup! TOMOKO has a TON of makeup. She uses one bag for each type of makeup (lip sticks, powder, etc.) and organizes her brushes by type and size. Very tidy is easy to find your things!
*For undereye bags, cover first with an orange based concealer before applying foundation on top. Pink base concealer can be used to cover veins or slight shadows
*SUN shaved off her eyebrows because she didn't want to bother with them. They suggest to first draw on your desired eyebrows, then pluck out the hairs outside your drawn line. Shaving will leave a thick root base, so plucking is preferred
*TOMOKO prefers to use brown eyeliner to make a softer look. Then using black, she makes only the outer corner wingtip. This makes a large eye effect without lines that are too harsh
*Use some eyeshadow to make a base color before applying eyeliner, then layer eyeshadow on top again for better staying power and to soften the lines
*SUN applies her false eyelashes first, then curls her real lashes with false, then applies mascara to put them together. TOMOKO heat curls her lashes first, then applies false lashes. Either way, make sure that your real and false lashes are together, not in two layers
*When removing false eyelashes, soak a cotton ball with eye makeup remover and hold it to your lashes until the glue loosens, then remove the lashes and carefully pull the glue off with tweezers. DO NOT soak your lashes in makeup remover though! SUN soaked a pair in remover to get rid of the glue, and they just fell apart ^^; If you just use enough to get the glue loose and then pull it off, you can reuse the lashes several times
*Layering lashes is fine to make prettier lashes, but keep in mind that eyelashes DO have space between the lashes! Do not layer so many lashes that it becomes one solid piece and looks like a big black block when you open your eyes. Not attractive!
layer colored lashes! The hostess talks about using triple layered lashes with the top and bottom layers being black, and the center layer being blue
*Balance top and bottom lashes! If you have dramatic top lashes, balance our the bottom lashes with some simple, false bottom lashes
*TOMOKO only lines the outer portion of her lower eyeliner. Lining too close to the inner corner can make the eye appear smaller. Start lining where your eyelashes start
*SUN drew her eyebrows too angled, and one of the teachers fixed it for her, making it more rounded. It looks more innocent, childish, and frames her face better. Sharp eyebrows may suit a Gothic Aristocrat, but for most lolitas, a soft, gentle arch would be a better fit!
If you are in a rush, pick one point to focus on. Trying to do an elaborate routine while rushing will result in a sloppy job all over. Better to do a good job on a simple point (maybe eyelashes, or eyebrows, or covering shadows) and keep a simple face than an elaborate mess!
Keep your entire face balanced. Too often, we will focus on what we view as our biggest flaw, and try to cover it up and fix it, and then forget about making a balanced face. Keeping an overall clean look is better than covering up a bad point, but not having a "good point"

Hope you learned something from this EyeMake episode of My Queen! Have fun and experiment with your makeup!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lolita 100 Meme 11-20

Part two of the Lolita 100 Meme!

(11) 逆に一番一番嫌なことは?(What do you hate about it? Pet peeves??)
When my petticoat gets ruffled up. Or is not poofy enough :(
Also my lack of accessorizing and hair skills!
This year I have decided to try and do better at those points

(12) 愛読雑誌は?(Magazine you read?)
EGLB. That's it :D I do get scans online of the Japanese GLB and some Kera though

(13) ヘッドドレス派? ボンネット派? リボン派?(Headdresses, bonnets or ribbons/katsushya?)
Alice bows! I actually really love Alice bows, but don't wear them... I like small ribbons too, like for pigtails or something :3 and I love tiaras! Though maybe not for everyday wear...

(14) ドロワーズは穿いていますか?(Yes to Drawers/Bloomers?)
um, YES! poofy skirts are more likely to get pulled up indecently XD

(15) ヘッドドレスは前で結ぶ派? 後ろで結ぶ派?(do you tie headdresses at the front or at the back?)

(16) 好きな音楽のジャンル・バンドなどはありますか?(Who is your favourite band/type of music?)
rock! Actually I like almost all music. I like Evanescence, Disturbed, Taylor Swift (sometimes), Three Days Grace, Coldplay, Creed, Shinedown, Godsmack, Metallica, Nirvana, Puddle of Mudd, Flyleaf, Black Eyed Peas, Jay Chou, Nana Kitade, S.H.E., Da Mouth, t.A.T.u., PINK, Nightwish, Breaking Benjamin, Nine Inch Nails, and a lot more!

(17) 携帯の着メロは何ですか?(What is your phone ring tone~?)
King and Queen by Da Mouth

(18) ライヴにはロリィタで行きますか?(Do you go to concerts in lolita?)
never been to a concert

(19) ライヴに行く方はライヴ中にヘドバンしますか?(For people who attend concerts: Do you headbang there?)

(20) 何色が好きですか?(What colours do you like?)
milk pink, sky blue, pale lavender, mint green, bright yellow, white, silver, black, and lots of others!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy New Year and Valentine's Day!

Today is Chinese and Tibetan New Year! I celebrated yesterday by eating from morning until night :3 Since my parents are separated, I ate brunch at Mystic Lake Casino buffet with my dad, and traditional dinner with my mom!

I made some non-traditional cupcakes for dinner :)


Nutella cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and mocha cupcakes in heart-shape!

I am also bringing some to work to share with my coworkers :D

How are you celebrating today, Princesses?

Let me share some ultra hime deco photos with you! I saw this room in Cutie Room Book 2010, and later found her blog and some photos from a display in Japan. This woman likes to do hime deco! It is pretty, but a little too overwhelming!

EVERYTHING is covered in laces and roses!

Some of these things you can make yourself, too! Hopefully I will have time to make tutorials in the future showing some of the simple things to make. For now, go out and enjoy this double (triple?) holiday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tiana's Kitchen~ Valentine's Day Crafting and Cooking!

Having a Valentine's Day Party? Handing out Valentines to friends just like we did in grade school? Here are some cute crafts I found to do on Disney site! They are very easy~

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Card suitors
Use them as place cards by writing guests' names on them, as decoration, invitations, or just plain Valentines!

Belle Inspired Rose Bookmarks
Rosebud bookmarks for your favorite fairytale book. Very easy to make. Maybe you can use them as party favors?

Tinker Bell Inspired Pixie Arrows
Need a sugar rush? These Pixie Arrows are sure to give you a sugar high!

Healthy Fruit Valentines
It doesn't have to be cakes and brownies - watermelon and orange make a great snack too!

Heartfelt Tote
Give your guests a little something to take home - or make one for yourself to use year-round! I would suggest to use fabric and quilted batting to make a stronger one for daily use

From Tiana's Kitchen~

Rose Cupcakes
Not just for Valentine's Day! These cupcakes can grace any lolita tea party's table!

Chocolate Fondue
Can you say Melty Chocolate? Sure to make you the hit of any meetup, this easy to make chocolate fondue recipe is pretty much foolproof

Heart Cake Tutorial from I Am Baker
For a heart inside your cake! A delightful surprise for your guests

Heart Filled Cake
Or if you would like a full heart in each slice rather than a heart in the whole cake, this cake pan set can do the trick! I actually own this cake pan, and can happily say that it works! I have filled it with many different kinds of filling before. My favorite is ice cream filling! The ice cream holds its shape better for a cleaner heart shape. Soften the ice cream while the cake is cooling, and then press it into the hollow cavities. Put the cake together and freeze to solidify the ice cream again. Then take it out and decorate! Freeze until it is time to eat. It will be easier to cut if you let it thaw for maybe 15 minutes before serving time. The center will still be solid ice cream, but the cake will have softened a bit
The biggest failure filling was melted marshmallows. It is a terrible idea. Don't do it. The marshmallows solidify again and trying to cut the cake is like trying to cut through one giant marshmallow ring. It results in a huge, sticky mess. It was fun though :3 But not very tasty, pretty, or good for cleaning up!
Other fillings to try: different cake flavor (as in the above tutorial), mousse (very soft mousse doesn't give as clean of a heart shape when cut), whipped cream, cheesecake, anything you can think of!

Have a lot of fun this Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Extra Holiday!

This year February 14 is a special day. It is Valentine's Day and also Chinese New Year! Unfortunately, I will be working T^T

Yesterday we had a New Year party at the local University! It was hosted by the Taiwanese organization here. The one by Mainland China was the night before I believe. They usually have upwards of a thousand participants because there are so many more Chinese from the Mainland than Taiwan here!

This was my outfit:

I noticed yesterday that I lack red in my closet 囧rz so I wore my newest outfit instead ^^;

There was lion dance, dance performance from both the local groups (which I used to be a part of... I had to quit because the classes moved to a studio too far away!), kung fu, Chinese school skits, and singing. Then there was food and raffle drawing! My mom won a box of random 3M supplies XD

Anyway, New Year is a time for food, family, and more food! Also new beginnings :) Even though only my mom and I are left at this house, we plan on doing the whole traditional New Year meal anyway!

As for Valentine's Day, a day for love, sweets, and cuddling, I will not be doing anything ;)

Mostly I want to wait for Valentine's Day to be over so I can go buy adorable heart-theme things on sale!

measuring spoons

serving bowls
I have such a weak spot for kitchen utensils! It makes baking an extra special time to see such cute things~

How can one incorporate both New Year and Valentine's Day together this year? Here are some ideas for you!

♥Wear Red! Red is a lucky color for Chinese. It is also for love! Bring some luck and love into your life this year~
♥Write Letters to Friends Now is the time to appreciate the friends you have in your life. Handwritten letters on cute stationary is heartfelt and personal. I wrote two surprise letters last week and mailed them out to two people I had addresses for. Even if you do not have the time to write a letter, a meaningful PM or wall post or comment left on friends' social networking site page can mean a lot
♥Treat Yourself to Something Yum! Give yourself a little treat! Or if you have a significant other, treat them too! Whether you would like it to be cake, New Year Gao (年糕), fish (meaning "leftover" in Chinese, meaning you have so much there are leftovers!), or anything else, make it special. Try your hand at baking or cooking something! It can be fun and is usually healthier than eating out. Even if you cannot cook or bake well, there are box mixes to make your life easier ;) And even if that fails, you can order pizza!
♥Pamper Yourself Long hot bubble bath, mani-pedi, facial, whatever tickles your fancy! It is important to be clean on New Year Day, and wouldn't hurt to have a romantic, candlelit bubblebath either

What will you be doing to celebrate?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cinderella Solutions~Ah-ha Uses for Beauty Products

Welcome to the first post in Cinderella Solutions!

Cinderella did a lot of housework, cleaning, serving, and had no money. This mini-series will show frugal tips and household chore suggestions to keep your Lolita Princess spirit high even when doing mundane chores or low on funds!

Here is a list of emergency household use for common beauty products! Double tasking your products can save you some time and money in a pinch~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doll Face~On Hands and Age

Today I am watching a Taiwanese TV show which brings up a good point. Hands and feet show age the fastest. Oftentimes, we are so caught up in taking care of our face that we forget about our extremities!

Personally, I went through a crazy hand phase and read up a lot on hand and nail care ^^; Then of course I went and forgot all about it, but I do still pay attention to my hands and nails a lot. Lolitas often have extravagant nails, and the chemicals used in making such nail art can be damaging over time.

Some quick tips on hand and nail care:
1) Always Moisturize Your Hands
After every washing, use some lotion. Wear gloves to protect your hands when doing dishes or household cleaning. Those chemicals are harsh!
I always use a beeswax hand lotion produced in my state. It is natural and local!
Vaseline is also a good thing to use. Rub Vaseline on your hands before bed, put on a pair of cotton gloves, and wake up to wonderfully soft hands!
2) Scrub Your Nails Once a Week
Using a nail brush or a children's toothbrush, scrub some soap, and then brush your cuticles, your nail bed, and under your nails. If your nails are pretty bad, do this every day for two weeks to get rid of the dead cuticle and encourage blood circulation, and then only once a week from then on. I do this in the shower so it is not messy at all~
3) DO NOT Use Your Nails as Tools!
Nails =/= Claws. They are much more fragile! Use tools to do things like cut tape off of packages, pry things open, etc. If your nails are very long, it may take some getting used to. Keep your fingers curled back towards yourself when reaching for things so you don't hit your nails. Use your knuckles to get creams and lotions out of pots to avoid getting it underneath. Scratch a bar of soap before working on something messy like painting, clay, or the garden. The soap will prevent anything getting under your nails and will wash out easily!

4) Take Care of Your Cuticles
Cuticle oil or cuticle butter can be a big help if your hand lotion is not enough. I use Burt's Bees cuticle cream because it is mostly natural and has a pleasant lemon scent. Cuticle cream can also help to protect your nails from drying out. In a pinch, chapstick can actually work too!
Remember to never cut your cuticles off. They are essential for keeping germs out from under your skin. If your cuticles are getting hard, try the nail brush scrubbing for two weeks and moisturizing to rehydrate and grow new, healthy cuticles. They can be soaked in warm water for 5 minutes and then gently pushed back. If you push too hard or cut them, they can become irritated and turn red and ugly!
5) DO NOT Bite Your Nails!
This should be common sense! Apart from the germs under there, it is not attractive (neither the action nor the result) and not Lolita at all. If you have a nail-biting habit, try giving yourself a manicure and painting pretty designs on your nails. This way, you will notice your nail colors and be able to stop yourself from biting. Or if you DO bite, the nasty flavor of the nail polish will remind you not to. Chewing gum or keeping your hands busy are also good ways to help curb the nasty habit

Hopefully in the future I will be able to do a manicure write-up. For now, here are your hands and nail tips!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiana's Kitchen~Deco Pocky!

I thought to make more mini-series on my blog :) And since I love Disney Princesses, they are Princess-theme! Lolitas are princesses, each in her own special way :)

Anyway, This is the first post for Tiana's Kitchen Series. Usually will be recipes or other baking/cooking things. Today, I am here to share Deco Pocky with you!

All those decorations are edible! The ribbon looks to be two heart-shaped sprinkles (which will be easy to find in grocers and baking supply shops because Valentine's Day is coming up!)
The little pearls may be sugar pearls such as these
Here is how to decorate:

You need icing/frosting in very tiny tube with thin tip. Or I would assume that it is possible to simply squirt a blob of frosting and dip your decor in it before sticking it on. Tweezers will be a must!

Put many Pocky together!

Equipment needed and more ideas! Write a sweet message on Pocky for a sweet person!

This looks like a good craft for Valentine's Day, or for a Lolita party! I would imagine that it would be very time-consuming though, and I could not bear to eat them after all that work!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NARS Lolita Line from Fall 2009

Today on the Taiwan Lolita board there was a post on NARS makeup line from Fall 2009. The inspiration behind the line? Lolita! However, if you look at the actual line, you will see that it is not inspired by lolita fashion, but rather by the character Lolita in the novel by the same name.

Something fun however, is the little quiz you can take (in Chinese) to see what your Lolita Score is! Take The Quiz!

I scored 100, though to be honest I guessed on the second question because I couldn't read enough of the Chinese to understand it properly <_<;; The look would perhaps suit Gothic or Classic Lolita better than Sweet due to the dark pigmentation throughout the line. Spring collection however looks much brighter! I have personally never tried NARS makeup before, and it is a little too pricey for me considering the fact that I rarely wear makeup.

Just thought that I would share that fun little tidbit with you all ;)

In other news, today I updated my ArtFire Shop today for my Spring/Summer 2010 line. Only one look is up right now, the Rococo JSK. I would like to be able to add the 5-layer ruffle underskirt as a product too~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doll Face~Natural Mask

"Beauty is more than a painted face; it is a gentle smile, a warm spirit, a kind heart, and an innocent playfulness that every beautiful woman possesses"

Store-bought masks range greatly in price, purpose, and quality. Today however, I am sharing some recipes for masks you can make at home by yourself!

First is a flower mask. Spring is coming, and spring brings flowers! As you take your first stroll in the warm sunshine this spring, remember your parasol and sunscreen! Sunburns do not compliment your lolita coordinate very well at all!

This recipe is from "Kitchen Cosmetics"

1 T Marigold flowers

1 T Chamomile flowers

1/2 C Water

Almond oil, as much as is necessary

1 T Carrots, well-mashed

1 T Lecithin granules

1 tsp. Wheat germ oil

Quantity: 1-2 masks

To Make: Bring water to a boil and pour over the Marigold and Chamomile flowers. Cover and set aside. Mash the carrots, add wheat germ oil. Strain out the liquid from the flowers and add them to the carrot-wheat germ oil. Mix thoroughly and add the lecithin granules. If you have a blender, blend it finely. The texture can be changed with the addition of Almond oil; add a bit to make a smooth cream for dry skin; if you have oily skin add enough Almond oil to blend these disparate ingredients.

To Use: Wash face. Steam clean it for a few minutes with one of the steam mixtures. Apply a thick layer of the Marigold Face Mask to the face in smooth upward motions. Rest on a slantboard or rock in a rocking chair, but in any case leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Wipe it off with tissues, rinse with warm water and then close your pores with a refreshing cold water rinse.

Why: Marigold and Chamomile flower infusion is healing to the tissues; carrots add texture and Vitamin A that may or may not be absorbed through the skin; lecithin is an emulsifying agent in the recipe that is also necessary for healthy tissues; wheat germ oil adds Vitamin E; and the Almond oil is for a creamy consistency.

Tip: This mask does not harden but stays relatively moist. It will leave your skin smoother and refreshed, stimulating both facial circulation and muscles.

Actually, Spring is still a few months away where I live, so here is a much simpler recipe for the meantime! It is a popular and commonly used mask:

Basic Yogurt Honey Mask

1 T Yogurt

1 T Honey

To Make: Add the two ingredients together and apply to a clean, moist face.

To Use: Pat this mask onto the skin for a moisturizing, penetrating, hydrating, soothing application that will also help to clear up skin problems

On Steaming

It is possible to buy a special steamer for face. My mom brought a multi-purpose steamer from Taiwan when she went back to visit her aunt in the ER. This steamer has many switchable nozzles and can steam clothes like an iron, be used to steam hanging clothes, steam body aches, and steam face. However, you do not need a fancy steamer to have a spa treatment! Just boil some water in a pot, remove it from the heat source, and use the steam from the pot! Create a tent over your head with a towel to keep the steam inside and bend your face over the pot. If you would like some aromatherapy also, you may add some essential oils to the water. This is a good way to do a cheap, at-home spa treatment~
POINT! Make sure the steam coming off the water is not too hot! Sometimes it can be too hot. Check with your hands in the steam to make sure it is a manageable temperature for you

Now you can have a relaxation day in your very own home!