Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Happy Belated Moon Festival!

Been ill over the weekend so I failed to post in time, but here's a belated Happy Moon Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival to everybody! Thanks for sticking with me ^u^v I appreciate all the comments always~

Of course, Moon Festival is not a national holiday here, and bakeries don't exactly stock moon cakes on the regular, but my good friend Calvin got the idea to go to Costco, so we went with a couple other friends and ended up getting a lot of stuff, as well as alcohol, for a Moon Festival party!

Taiwan Teddy modeling the moon cakes
He even found a Taiwanese brand one :3  The flavor is salted egg yolk with lotus seed, my favorite!!

Salted yolk with lotus seed paste
We also did a sort of indoor barbecue (a "modern tradition" for Moon Festival started in the 80s) with tofu for me and pork belly for everybody else.  No pomelos, but that's OK!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend/Friday the 13th! Did you do anything for Friday the 13th, the full moon, or Moon Festival? In some faiths the full moon would be a Sabbat as well I think, and some people are superstitious about Friday the 13th.