Friday, May 5, 2017

Kawaii International Kawaii Reporter!

Hello readers!  The secret mentioned before is now on air!

You can watch the episode we are in live on the NHK website episode #61 at [UTC] May 5 (Fri.) 0:30/6:30/13:30/18:30 or as Video on Demand for up to two weeks after broadcast date.

Xiao Lu, Neco, Me

After swapping!
DORO, Shiyo, me, Neco, Xiao Lu
We actually made that eye patch on a whim out of random stuff at my house (felt, rose pins, ribbon) because Xiao Lu's contact was bothering her eye and had to take it out.  I think it looks awesome.

Big thanks to Kawaii International for asking me to be a Kawaii Reporter and to my coworker and friend, Kenny of Images by Kenny, for filming for us!

We had a lot of fun that day and plan to do another style swap just on our own for fun.  I want to try Chinese-style Lolita XD  Or even just Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing)!

If you watched this episode, please let me know your thoughts!!!!!   I am still so anxious about it and how it'll be received as I've just watched the first broadcast and it's very short but seems OK?