Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Little Dipper Chiffon Lace Lolita Foundation Blouse Review

Blouses are a basic staple in any Lolita's wardrobe, but with the hot summer months fast approaching, sometimes it feels stifling to wear so many layers!

Chiffon blouses are definitely a hero to this situation in my opinion.  To be honest, it's been quite a long time since I've worn a cotton blouse, and they hang unloved in my closet.  Chiffon is just much easier to handle, especially as they don't wrinkle nearly as much!

I have a couple chiffon blouses in both short and long sleeve that I wear, but recently joined a group order for a different type of chiffon blouse - it's cropped to prevent too much bulk at the waistline due to blouse + petticoat (and sometimes + underskirt) + bloomers/shorts issue.

The blouses we ordered were Chiffon Lace Lolita Boat Neck Inner Foundation Blouse Short/Long Sleeve from Little Dipper.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Perfume and Pearls

It's been incredibly rainy here in Taipei -_-

I was running late and took a taxi.

No filter
But you have to brave the weather to get to a meetup!

 The theme for this meetup was "perfume bottles" and I sewed a dress that was perfect for the theme!  If you follow me on instagram you would have seen it already~

We met at a lovely little cafe called 好時光/Plus Belle Arts Bistro because we had a coupon for shared set meals.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Cover "Toothy" Headband

Headdresses are usually tied on with a ribbon, but I actually prefer to have them on a headband; it helps them stay on more easily without pins in my opinion.

Brand headbands tend to be completely covered with fabric, but I like the type of headband that has teeth on the underside to help with griping, as my hair is rather slippery.  Recently I made the above canotier style headdress on a toothy headband.  Though it was in a coordinating pink color, I covered the top side with lace and took photos along the way!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dragon Boat Festival 2016

Happy Dragon Boat Festival!  I could have sworn I had a post about the history of this festival, but when I checked previous posts I only found a rather morbid comic I'd posted about suicide (related to the festival, I swear!)

Most people know about Dragon Boat races and eating zongzi in relation to this holiday.  There are, of course, variation on the legend, but basically the story I grew up with is about a man named Qu Yuan who loved his country very much.  He was an adviser to the emperor, but when a the emperor proved to be selfish and care little about the country or the people, Qu Yuan jumped off a cliff into the river to kill himself.  Because he was such a good man, the local villagers quickly made some riceballs wrapped in leaves (zongzi) and rowed out to drop them in the river so the fish would not eat the body of Qu Yuan.

I remember my mother making zongzi at home when I was growing up, though now they are readily available so we just buy them :P

This year Ano's mom gave us some vegetarian zongzi (she is Buddhist) she made which were really good!

Also made with healthy rice grains mix!
I went home for dinner and had another zongzi, one my mom bought
It... kinda looks similar...
They are really filling, essentially a complete meal-to-go.  With so much rice though, it is best not to eat more than one in a sitting I think ^^;

And a random photo of today's look:
Today's outfit
I've also got an instagram now!  My username is "_sparklewolfie_"  I couldn't sign up using the username without the underscores for some reason.  It said the username was taken, but when I did a search, no such user existed :/  I sent several inquiries but never received an answer.  I post some non-lolita outfits on there and other daily occurrences.  Let me know if you have an instagram so I can follow you as well!

Monday, June 6, 2016

50% off Disney Store

Random update to let you know that Disney Japan has some goods that are 50% off now, including the gorgeous Disney x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright skirt!

5,292円(税込)   →   2,646円
The entire Curious Gardens series is a lovely blend of pastel shades in a watercolor style.  Even if you're not a fan of the animated Disney cartoon (personally, I am not a fan of the character designs), the overall look and feel is quite soothing and sweet.
5,400円(税込)   →   2,700円
Of course there are many other series on sale if you are more interested in jewelry and TsumTsum or mobile goods ^_~

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Birthday at the PomPom Purin Cafe

My birthday was at the end of May (lvl up!) and I decided to go to the PomPom Purin cafe in Taipei with Ano, my mom, and my sister!
The night before at midnight, Ano bought me a goofy-looking little cake
I'm a mouse/rabbit/idk?
 And we played this game he got from a gacha!
Down to the last key...
Of course you are probably more interested in the PomPom Purin Cafe~
The entire shop and outside is absolutely adorable!  Purin Dog and his friends all over!
Please, come in