Thursday, January 16, 2020

Artist Spotlight: Caramel*Ribbon

Time for another artist spotlight! My recent resin adventures reminded me of this resin artist I really admire. I first ran across her work at a handmade market in Taipei, which had Japanese artists invited as well. 

If you are a fan of magical girl and pastel glittery styles, you will love Caramel*Ribbon for sure! While I believe the shop only sells to Japanese residents, her instagram is definitely some lovely eyecandy~

Check out some of her works!
Beautiful pendants~
Pic from website
I especially adore the magical key items! At the market they were available as necklace, pin, and hairpin. In person they are even more beautiful, if you can believe it!
Pic from website
The works are a bit large, so I would personally only wear one as an accent piece on a necklace or maybe as a bag pin.
Pic from website
Her work inspired me to order some key-theme metal charms recently to create small magical keys (and cat keys... maybe?) for charms myself! Cannot wait for them to come in!

Do you have any favorite resin artists? I'm looking for more to follow!! Drop some names below if you know any! Thank you~

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Quick and Easy Pink Lolita in Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I went on an impromptu date with my boyfriend so I threw together a coord in about 20 minutes. Not the best photo (he tried) but hopefully it shows the outfit well!
Blouse: Little Dipper (taobao)
Bag: Swimmer Japan
Petticoat: Fantasyland (taobao)
Boots: Target
I only wore some mascara and lipstick for the outing, as well as curling my lashes. A bit off topic, but does anybody else feel more awake after curling their lashes???? Maybe it's because my lashes grow straight and downward, but whenever I curl them I feel like I feel more awake, even without mascara.

Whenever I need a quick outfit, I go for a JSK because it takes care of the top and bottom in one go. Then I choose a comfortable blouse, usually chiffon, because that can change up the look. I've worn this JSK with white, pink, and mint blouses to change up the look. Even with minimal accessories, the outfit is very Lolita. I chose not to wear a necklace because this JSK has a large chest ribbon as well as bodice lacing, though to dress it up, I would wear a choker.

An OP would also be really nice for a quick outfit, though there are fewer options to change the look... which is why I left my OPs in Taiwan, to be honest.

Special set JSKs seem to be really good for a quick and casual outfit because the JSK comes with a matching KC so you don't need to worry about the hairstyle either!

I'm also thinking of doing more hair looks on my blog. There's a list of simple and casual kawaii looks I've got, but I just need to get around to doing and photographing them! Taking hair photos with dark hair is really difficult...

Thank you for reading! What are your favorite tips for quick Lolita outfits? 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy 2020!

Happy 2020! Hope you had fun! I spent it... sick in bed...
Airplane air = sickness risk x 9999%

Starting to feel better today so I hope to have more interesting posts and photos soon T^T

Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas 2019 AKA Pet Videos

Happy Christmas and Holidays everybody!!

My sister flew me out to Renton, Washington (near Seattle) to hang out with her, her pets, and her boyfriend. They actually had a Christmas tree!

My sister's cute, goofy rescue dog, Luca!

 He's goofy

She got gifts for everybody, including the pets! This is the gift for my cat, Natto!

And Luca playing with his new toy: a trash bag with raccoons in it.

Her boyfriend's cat Luna is very shy and skittish, so she didn't come out to play much.

One of the gifts she got me was Luigi's Mansion 3!!  I've never played any of the previous games before and don't know much about it, so she had me play it that night ^^; It was fun but wow I am JUMPY!! I get spooked easily by the silly little ghosts.

I got my sister a Nintendo eshop card so she can get the multiplayer DLC for her copy of Luigi's Mansion 3 and some other stuff if she wants. Honestly I feel bad for not being able to afford many gifts, though I did make her a pop-up card as well. She went all-out on gifts for all of us!

How was your holiday season? Did you hang out with friends or family? Pets? I miss Natto very much :( This is the first time I've been away from him since I got him!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Sinderella's Twisted Ball

Hello from Washington state! I'm here visiting my sister for Christmas, but now I've got time to post about a fun Goth event I attended on Friday, Sinderella's Twisted Ball at Ground Zero Nightclub hosted by The Forbidden Bazaar

I got together with my friend (and ex brother-in-law) Tai to attend! The theme was "dark Disney" so I went as Gothic Belle. Unfortunately, on my way out the door, I grabbed the wrong shoes.... T^T

Choker: OS Accessories
JSK: h.naoto
Difficult to get a proper photo T^T The bag is a book because Belle loves reading! I also forgot a petticoat in my rush... so basically this is a really bad outfyt T^T

I also tried to do a version of Belle's ballgown hair with a bun, and made it rose-shaped instead of a pouf.

Honestly it was probably completely invisible in the dark club because I have dark hair, but I enjoyed it!

The performers were very cool! I took a few photos and video of some of the acts. I did not take any of the SM spankings/whippings because I'm not sure if that was allowed ^^;


Fire dance


Jafar does fire wheel

I definitely played Pokemon GO at the club

Decorated like this all the time!
There were loads of fun costumes! I saw a Beast and even a Yzma! I was too shy to ask for photos, but the instagram or facebook pages may have costumes from others ^_~

I got a lot of dancing in and enjoyed all the acrobatics and fire shows!

Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you so much for reading and commenting~

What is your favorite thing about Christmas or any other Yuletime holidays? What do you celebrate, if anything? My sister went all-out on gifts. I might do a post, but really I feel like a braggart if I post about gifts ^^; I did take funny videos of her dog, though!

Friday, December 6, 2019

Pokemon Shield Playthrough Stream!

Something new and different: I started to experiment with streaming on Twitch! Originally I was very turned-off of streaming since I tried contracting with Bigo (which I had started on when it first launched, but as it blew up it changed a lot) but since my boyfriend streams on Twitch and I've watched several streams, it seems very different to Bigo so I gave it a try.

Well, I first streamed my cat, Natto for a few hours XD  My page is also called Sparklewolfie if you would like to see. So far, I'm only playing Pokemon Shield right now, but hopefully in the future I'll be streaming Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and other games.

If you'd like, you can follow my channel to be notified when I go live! Note that there is a difference between "follow" and "subscribe," so just click the "follow" option because "subscribe" costs money!! I did not know that at first.

Thanks for reading and following! Have a video of Natto watching "cat TV"

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Flaming Hot Community Day

 Saturday was November's Pokemon Go Community Day! The Pokemon featured was Chimchar, the fire starter monkey. I didn't have time to do a specific Chimchar makeup so I did a fire-themed general look.  The black-to-red eyeliner blend did not work well,but it was something new to try!
Shiny Chimchar!
 I went to the Mall of America with my boyfriend and played for the whole three hours. It's incredibly cold here in Minnesota now, so we have to play indoors. There are many, many Pokemon Go players at the mall, though!
New Weezing
 Because there are many people, it's easy to win group battles! We both got this new Weezing. I don't understand why it is Fairy type at all....

 I also got a perfect Chimchar that I evolved to the maximum!
 My final tally for the one's that I kept.

Primer: Milani Cosmetics
Eyeshadow: Sugarpill Buttercupcake and Flamepoint, bh cosmetics Solar Flare palette
Eyeliner: media liquid liner and LA Colors lip/eye liner (do not recommend...)
Eyebrows/Mascara: essence cosmetics
Blush: AOA Studio (shop miss A)
Lips: LA Colors lip/eye liner and NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippie Orange
Setting Spray: Skindinavia
Overall had a fun time ^u^v
Also my boyfriend gifted me a copy of Pokemon Shield! So I will be playing that soon as well.
I forgot to take an outfit shot, but did get compliments while I was playing at the mall ^///^

Did you get the new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch? Whether you did or not, which starter is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! How was your spooky holiday? I had a cookie-decorating party at my friend's house. My original costume idea did not get finished in time, so I just went as a generic modern (rainbow-colored rather than silver) unicorn ^^;

My friend Erin and I baked cookies at my place and then brought them to Calvin's where we decorated!

My spooky lobster killing children and spiderweb with spider getting ready to eat children

Erin's pastel coffin and her bf Luke's all-seeing dinosaur wearing spooky jeans

We then played a spooky game called Betrayal at the Haunted Hill House or something like that :P It's a randomly-generated house where the players explore and find events, items, and omens. Eventually, one will be revealed as the traitor and then we play against each other. There are 50 endings to the base game, and expansions are available! It's a very fun game and perfect for Halloween! Calvin also always plays spooky music to the game and narrates the game like a story.

After that, we played Potion Explosion, also very good for Halloween!

What did you do for Halloween? Hope you had a great day, and if you had a costume I hope you will share it as I love to see costumes!!! Been missing Halloween events since being in Taiwan :3 It was fun this year!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pumpkin Patch Lolita Adventure!

As a continuation of adventures while kayz0rbeam was visiting, on Sunday we went to brunch with zombiefruit32 and then to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins and carve them!  So American autumn!!

The pumpkin patch we went to was pretty picked-over, but at least the weather was nice and they sold hot apple cider there as well! Very yum.

Kay, Erin, and me!

It was a bit windy and chilly, but overall still rather sunny so it was tolerable ^u^v
Hair accessories I borrowed from Kay
Outer: Mad Punks
JSK: h.naoto FRILL
Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Bag: Kreepsville666
 We spent some time online looking up pumpkin carving ideas, and eventually decided to all do Ghibli movie side characters!
Kay did Calcifer, Erin did No Face, and I did Cat Bus!

Erin spent ages on hers and made all the curves SO SMOOTH!!!!

Sadly, my pumpkin has already been eaten by squirrels. I hope my cat hunts those squirrels in revenge.
Calcifer, No Face, Cat Bus
 Bonus shot of my face at the brunch place we went to. Who needs filters when you have sunlight that somehow manages to blur your skin???
This lighting is lovely
What is your favorite autumn activity? We don't really have autumn season like this in Taiwan, so our only autumn activity is the Moon Festival  ^^;  I really enjoyed the pumpkin-carving and farm stuff! Also cannot decide what to do for Halloween costume :o

Goth Club MN

Saturday night I went to the local Goth club, Ground Zero, with my ladies Kayz0rbeam (visiting us from LA!) and zombiefruit32!  It was fun and we danced a bunch! I am a fantastical tentacle monster on the dance floor (but do my best not to get in anybody's way with my flailing)

The bathroom is the only good place for a photo during the night ^u^v

There was also a bondage show in the back where no photos or video are allowed so didn't take any of the actual dance floor area (they are connected, and I didn't want to accidentally get anybody who didn't want to be photographed)

The bathroom is very pretty though!
Seriously those little mirrors!

Clubbing is my exercise of choice haha!

Do you have any favorite night events? It's much more difficult to get out to nighttime activities in Minnesota compared to Taipei :x