Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmasland 2020

Belated Happy Christmas!  Originally I intended to visit Christmasland again for more photos, but to be honest, it simply wasn't as good as the last time I was here in 2018. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Soda Can Upcycle

How many of you purchase things 100% for the packaging?  I definitely fall for packaging a lot, and back in 2016-2017 or so, a Taiwanese soda water brand, Ocean Bomb, collaborated with Pokemon to create limited-edition cans.  I don't drink soda water, but I sure do like Pokemon!

I've been moving the cans around with me from place to place, and finally, one of the cans accumulated enough air inside to misshapen and explode. Given that I cannot get these cans any more, I wanted to save it!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Packing tips for international flights

Safely landed in Taiwan and out of quarantine time now! Fortunately, I was able to quarantine at my mom's, though I had to remain in one room only.  I took photos of some packing I did and thought I'd share about my ideas and what I did for moving internationally!

First step is to just declutter as much as possible.  As I was leaving with no intention of returning to stay, I straight up threw away anything I had not used during my time (1.5 years) in the USA. Because I had moved there recently, I had not that many things anyway, but had accumulated some crafting items so I had to go through and decide what is replaceable and what is worth bringing.

Next, for jewelry that may become tangled, I threaded the chain portion through a straw and connect the clasp again. Reusable straws can work too, but I found this pack of disposable ones at the house. 

Then, I placed the necklaces on a clean towel and rolled it up. I secured the roll with my bracelets to keep them in shape 

Most of the necklaces only fit one side of the necklace into the straw because the lobster claw clasp is too large for this size. If you have a chunky necklace, a boba straw can work, too!

For my pressed powder products, I put a cotton round on top to add a buffer and help prevent them from shattering during the trip. While powder product can usually be re-pressed if it shatters, it saves you the mess and the hassle!

Of my powder pans, the Wet n Wild was definitely the most "loosely" pressed and fragile, but it survived just fine!
I actually dropped my Laura Mercier shimmer bloc while packing and it shattered... it is a baked formula with four divided colors so I decided just to declutter it since I only used two of the colors anyway. And of course, the two I used most were the ones that shattered the worst and got mixed up along with debris on the floor!

For  squeeze-tube liquid products, get the air squeezed out of them before putting the lid back on. The air pressure in the plane will change and the cargo area is not pressurized as much as the cabin, so the air will expand inside these soft tubes!  Make sure there is room for it to expand so you do not end up with a mess like I did on my original flight to the USA... one of my concealers had a little accident O_Q

Of course, then bag all liquids in resealable plastic bags, and then place them all together in another waterproof bag. My checked suitcase has a built-in waterproof compartment so that is what I used. If you are packing them directly on clothes, definitely use multiple layers of plastic!

Deciding what to put in my carry-on luggage was also important. On the off chance that luggage is delayed, rerouted, lost, etc., it is important to have your vitals (medication, ID, work-related things) on your person as well as a change of clothes for a few days.

Electronics already are in my backpack, so that was a simple choice, and then I chose the most "hassle-free" clothing I could. I packed a soft no-wire bra (from UNIQLO), a dress with a built-in bra top (also UNIQLO), and easy-care cotton T-shirts and skirts, a hoodie for warmth, a blanket (can be used on the plane, too!), a journal and pens, some hair elastics because long hair can tangle easily, and as many socks and underwear as I could shove into the spare spaces around everything else.

Check your checked baggage!  Because I was moving, not traveling, I decided to go with overweight bags.  It would end up being more affordable to pay the flat charge to get 20lb. extra in each bag than to replace 40lb. worth if things back in Taiwan. 
HOWEVER, because my flight was cancelled and (14 hours of customer service later....) I was rebooked with a different airline, the overweight fee was DOUBLE the original.
What would have been US$100 total for two overweight bags became US$200  !!!  That was not worth it.  Fortunately, my friend Duke had an extra suitcase he gave me, as a third checked bag (up to 50lb.) was US$100 or so.  Ended up being a much better deal!

When weight is not the main issue, being able to cram everything in became the biggest problem.  I used vacuum-sealing bags for my Lolita clothing and petticoats, sweaters/hoodies, and wore my overcoat and boots to save space.  

If you do not have actual vacuum-sealing bags with the one-way valve and everything, you can actually create a similar effect with regular sturdy bags (I recommend kitchen bin bags), filling it with compressible items, pushing out as much air as possible, and then sticking a vacuum hose in the opening to further compress it.   Cinch the top of the bag closed with your hand and tie a knot (do NOT use the drawstring as it will not be airtight) as quickly as possible after removing the vacuum hose.

Pack the vacuumed bags soon after compressing, just in case it is not a perfect seal and air begins to slowly leak in.  I stuck the bags in the suitcases, filled the spaces around them with smaller items, and then slammed the lid down and zipped the cases shut.  One of the bags DID reinflate on the flight over, but it ended up not being a big deal since I already had everything crammed in.

That's it for my very belated, short little tips/tutorial!  I'm in the process of moving into my own place now, so I'll update again after.

Thanks for sticking around and there will be more fun things soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Going Home~~~~

 Quick update to let you all know that I am flying back to Taiwan in November so I am busy packing things :)  I have so much stuff @_@  Plus my sister's things that I must take care of.  Cannot wait to get back to Taiwan where there is a lot more I can do on my own!!!

Posts will resume after quarantine (if I don't lose my mind)

In the meantime, I will do my best to keep Instagram updated and also I may try streaming during quarantine on Twitch if my laptop in Taiwan is able to handle it!

I am very sad about not being able to do any spooky Halloween or autumn things this year, but such is life.

See you all soon!  Stay safe 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Trendy in Tokyo Colorful Palette Review

Colorful makeup is so fun and inspiring!  I love being able to play with a lot of different colors, and had been looking at quite a few rainbow palettes for some time.  In the end, I did an impulse purchase for this Trendy in Tokyo palette from bhcosmetics for US$16 when I was replacing skincare items at Ulta.

It took some time to put together this review because my phone gave up ghost and I was unable to take photos of any makeup I tried 

The palette also includes a nice mirror, which I use when doing my makeup.Trendy in Tokyo

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Projects, Makeup, and Digital Art!

 Finally got a chance to catch my breath!  

The past few weeks have been very busy what with both my Taiwan job and me starting far too many projects at once.  Any free time has been spent decompressing and basically being a lump on the couch.

Did a bit of makeup one day

I was finally able to pick up some materials for my cosplay/modified cosplay outfit, but have been agonizing over the patterning of the leggings.  I THINK I've got it figure out now, and just need to start cutting... the most nerve-wracking part!

This past month I've also picked up digital painting using the program GIMP.  I don't have a tablet, so.... I'm drawing with a mouse ^^;

 Made some emotes.....

 and badges for my Twitch channel/subscribers

And also started working on the monster girls for the visual novel project!


I'm pretty happy with how this Palico turned out, though I did have to trace most of the parts using the pen tool (draws paths that I fill with color) since I cannot freehand draw with a mouse.  It's a compilation of a model croqui, a cait sith legs, and the actual Purriestess face from Monster Hunter.  The outfit is based on the Gourmew armor set from the game as well.  I think it's cute!!

Hopefully I can improve on my lighting and shadow... I struggle a lot with that!!

Additionally, I got a new eyeshadow palette on a whim while picking up some skincare to replace the ones I'd run out of.
Shiny eyes~

It's the Trendy in Tokyo palette by bh cosmetics, which retails for US$16.  The packaging is so cute!

Colors and finishes

I've been hunting for a rainbow palette since my Medusa's Makeup collection has a lot of variation in performance (and one color just completely crumbled away and couldn't be repressed.  I hardly got any use of it) and are all shimmers.  They worked at the time, but I wanted BRIGHTER colors!

The colors do seem to be very nice, and I've used most shades a few times, but not all, so I don't want to do a full review yet, but that will be coming!

Thanks for sticking around!  What have you all been up to?  Hopefully you're all staying safe and your area is maintaining proper quarantine protocols to reduce infection rates.