Thursday, May 13, 2021

Art Exhibit of Cardcaptor Sakura Pt. 1

Picture-heavy post!  Cardcaptor Sakura is my favorite magical girl anime!  I love the art style of CLAMP, and I really enjoy the fact that Sakura's costumes are designed by Tomoyo (and they imply she makes them, but she's in the 4th grade in the original series so maybe she just has somebody else make them??) instead of created by magic.

Of course I had to go to the exhibit when it came to Taipei!  They had a fun "backstory" to the entire exhibit as well~

The Card Room at the end

Due to COVID restrictions, we had made reservations for our time slot online, and we are released into the exhibit according to reservations.  This also means that there were not many people inside at any one time, which made taking photos so much easier! 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Wa Lolita for Virtual Tea Party

Today I had another virtual tea party with the waifus!  I decided to wear my Wa lolita dress that I bought from Metamorphose in Tokyo as it is comfortable (fully-shirred back) and has lots of interesting things right on the front, which is what the camera mostly picks up anyway.  In the end, the waist ribbon didn't even show on the screen call, but if your camera setup is different, having something interesting on the front is a good thing!

Originally I wasn't going to wear makeup, but then... I just really wanted to!!

I did a simple look today.  Like last time, I used no foundation because my Chromebook camera isn't good enough to pick up skin unevenness~ I'm only wearing a purple-tinted sunscreen (though in future, I may look into a green-tinted one for the rosacea/redness instead)

My hair is curled with the heatless curling method again.  Since I cut the face-framing layers, I've been experimenting with different hair styles to try and come up with some simple go-to looks.  This time, I did half-up twintails at a lower height for a more mature-kawaii look.  Very high twintails are extra youthful and childish, but sometimes it can feel a little much ^^;   If you feel like you are outgrowing the childish look, or if you fear looking like an auntie trying too hard to hold onto teenage years, a slightly lower height may be a good balance!

My sweets for today were a matcha cream puff (SO good!!) and a chocolate Boston cream pie.  I have never had an "authentic" Boston cream pie so I am not sure if this is an accurate one  but the cream seemed a bit much for me.  The matcha cream puff was filled with matcha cream and the matcha chocolate shell paired well with the plain pastry and sweet filling.  It may have been a touch too sweet for me, but with the red tea I had, it toned down the sweetness enough.

Overall it was a lovely way to spend the day with my best friends!  It felt good to put a full Lolita outfit on as well! 

Hope to have some hairstyles put together for a future collection.  Partially, I want to have a post that I can refer back to myself for when I am out of ideas for what to do for easy hairstyles, but I hope it is helpful to others as well!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have been finding little ways to stay in touch with people you care about as well as taking care of yourself!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mizutsune Makeup for Rise!

 Monster Hunter Rise released on the 26th!  I was unable to pre-order, but I need to finish World and Iceborne first anyway.  I did do some Mizu themed makeup though!  Mizutsune is my favorite monster design, and also has some of my favorite armor and weapon designs! The fight itself isn't bad either :D

I did two looks, one is a "wearable" one and the other is based more on kitsune mask makeup!

If you don't look too closely, you won't notice that the background is actually snowflakes instead of bubbles ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭ 

The purple/pink/yellow fade is based on the Mizutsune's fins!


I did try drawing a new eye shape which is longer and more masculine, but I don't think I did a good job 
Milani eyeshadow primer
bhcosmetics Trendy in Tokyo palette for all the colors
NYX faux white eyeliners for eyebrows (topped wit shadow)
NYX eyeliner
Milani mascara and blusher
Medusa's Makeup metallic lipstick
bhcosmetics false lashes

The "full face" look was a bit of an experiment so I didn't get very detailed in the lines or blending, but I think it is an idea I may revisit!

Honestly, I think combining the two looks might be interesting?  Not sure when I'll have the time or energy to do a full face again though!

What is your favorite monster?  I suppose if you don't play Monster Hunter, what's your favorite game monster in general? 

I have an idea for Arzuros makeup, but I don't have the green-blue shift shadow that I imagined in my head w(゚Д゚)w  No guarantees it'd even look good, but in my head I'm trying to picture it looking good!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Long Distance Lolidate

 This weekend I had a long-distance Lolidate with my two best friends!  We are in 3 different countries (USA, Taiwan, Japan) so virtual tea party was our only solution.  If you are in a country that is in a tight lockdown still, virtual tea parties can also be a great way to get together with your Lolita friends.

Our party was Saturday evening for USA and Sunday morning for Taiwan and Japan.  It was a lot of fun to put together a coordinate (without needing to worry about shoes or transportation) and put on some makeup again!

Hopefully we can do this monthly from now until we can travel to see each other again, but here are some tips for having a successful virtual tea party:

Prepare some teatime snacks and tea to show!  A theme would be the most fun.  Originally I wanted a strawberry-theme tea party, but things did not work out so we all just grabbed whatever we had.  I bought these two slices of cake from a cafe downstairs.  The one on the left is a Sicily coffee mousse with lemon and the one on the right is black sesame.  The lemon-coffee was a bit strange together, so I ended up eating the lemon portion separately from the coffee mousse.  The black sesame has mochi at the bottom of it too!

If you have the time, a proper teatime setup including sandwiches or salad and fruit would be nice as well!  Take out some cute and elegant dishes to elevate your at-home experience.

Get fully dressed and try something new!  Now is a good time to try out new coordinates or makeup since you are at home and can easily change it partway through the tea party!  I changed my headdress repeatedly because I didn't know what to wear and just cut my hair recently, so I don't know how to style the face-framing pieces yet.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Soft Cyber Kawaii


Recently received a new Cyberdog item and decided to try for a soft take on Cyberkei makeup!  I was sort of making it up as I went, but I think it turned out all right?

I used my bhcosmetics Trendy in Tokyo palette (review) for the purple base in Sake and to sketch out the pink part in Emoji shadow.  The lower lashline shadow is also Sake with Kyoto layered over it in the outer corner (the shimmers help Kyoto blend out smoothly)

The neon pink liner is actually Medusa's Makeup neon pigment powder mixed with eyedrops!  The consistency turned out really smooth and I was able to paint the line fairly easily.  Originally I only did the tail and then the inner corner (the parts that are visible when my eyes are open) but I ended up connecting them in my lid fold so that it'd create a floating liner when I close my eyes.

I rather like the way it looks with only the inner and outer corners visible though :3  Then I use a baked highlighter by AOA Studio for the center and inner corner highlights, and did the wing and lower liner with NYX epic ink liner.  I didn't do a good job of connecting the inner corner though, and my left hand shook when I did my left eye, so I had to fix a blob of liner by layering white eyeliner and then highlighter on top 

With the leftover neon pigment, I colored the inner of my eyebrows, but I think that makes the overall look a little to over the top XD so I may go for plain brows or powder color next time!!

I tried on two different lipsticks, and I think the black is more bold, and the pink more cute!  Not that anybody is going to see them anyway because I wear mask when I go out, just like everybody else haha!  

Usually I do rather over the top looks for Cyberkei with massive lashes and jewels/ribbons/drawing on my face, so I like this more subtle take on Cyberkei!  Pretty sure this mascara is on its way out though...

Thanks for hanging out with me!  I'm excited to do more things with the neon pigments I have.  I'd previously tried using them as shadows, but they require other shadows to blend at all, so I think using them mixed with liquid may be the best bet for me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Year of Ox! My New Year holiday


Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!!!  I spent New Year Eve through Second Day with my mom :3

Hope your year started out on a positive note!  Even if you did not, that just means we can only go up from here, right? ( ´・・)ノ(._.`)

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card x animate cafe

 Cardcaptor Sakura has collaborated with animate cafe again!  This time with the most recent Clear Card arc!  Previously I went to the Cardcaptor Sakura cafe collab back in 2016, but this year the drinks were more interesting because you can get pictures printed on them!

Taiwan Teddy cosplayed again

This time I attended with Doro!  Another good part is that the coasters this time were plastic (fitting for Clear Card) so I'm actually reusing my coaster instead of hoarding it as I do with the paper ones most places will give for events!

There were also non-print beverages, but they are not as special as the drinks from the previous Cardcaptor collaboration in my opinion.

The pictures at the bottom are the 9 coasters available at random, one with each drink.

Doro and I both got the NT$170 printed drink.  She got Yue printed on milk tea and I got Kero-chan and Subi (sp?) printed on matcha with lychee popping bubbles.  I really do not recommend adding fruity popping bubbles with matcha.....  But the whipped cream was very solid and good!

Look at how clear the pictures are! And the colors are so vibrant!

It really is a drink!  Topped with whipped cream!

The decor was so nice too.  There were not as many standing cutouts to take pictures with, but the two main walls were nice.
And of course there were the photo stick pictures to use!!

I brought Taiwan Teddy in her Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay, and Doro brought a Kerochan plush

As for coasters, I got Tomoyo-chan and Doro got the Kerochan and Subi that I had printed on my drink!  Since she did not want to collect them on coasters, she gave her coaster to me!!!  Super excited!

We were able to get a table space and after the other people there left, we could even clear the table to take photos while the shop staff was sanitizing!

I didn't buy any collaboration goods this time, but we might go again and I'm eyeing the card stand as my current stand is a gacha Gengar which is a little too small and light so it easily falls over.  I use the stands to hold my receipts, so it's useful!!  Not just spending money!!!

Goods available for purchase

The "cafe" is actually just set up in a hotel lobby, so there is only standing space.  That does make it easy to ensure nobody lingers too long, I suppose?

I love the art style of this wall

I was able to wear an easy Lolita coordinate~  It is a secondhand JSK and KC set I got from Near in Osaka I believe.
Blouse: Little Dipper (taobao)
Bag: Swimmer Japan

Cake ring, unicorn ring: Don't really remember haha

I need to make another backdrop for my sweeter and pastel outfit photos.

After visiting the cafe, we went to the animate shop proper (their main business; the cafe is really more of an attraction) where I found several of the A and C prizes from a previous Cardcaptor lottery drawing!  A prize is the Clow Staff, and C prize is the Dream Staff.  I couldn't buy both so I went with the Dream Staff since I already have the Clow staff as a lip balm (seen in photos above.)

The pen can also be worn as a bag charm

Although I am saving money to try and purchase property soon, NT$400 seemed too good a deal to pass up!  Drawings usually cost NT$320-360 and the prizes are random.  I also bought a couple of Style by ROCK! x Monster Hunter keychains (only NT$50 each) for my ita bag.  So the pen and stand is an unexpected expense, but I love it!!!

Now I just need to make a new Clear Card cosplay outfit for Taiwan Teddy.  I want ot make her a new wig in a lighter color, since the current wig seems to be too close to her fur color.  Then she can use this pen as a cosplay prop!  I think it is really quite well made so I am happy!

Who is your favorite magical girl/magical transformation series?  I know Sailor Moon and Magic Knights Rayearth are also very popular, and more recent ones like DoReMi.  I loved Cardcaptor Sakura because her costumes are all actual clothes, not magically conjured ones, and designed for her by Tomoyo!
Tokyo Mew Mew is another one I really like, though it's much more shallow in terms of story line.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmasland 2020

Belated Happy Christmas!  Originally I intended to visit Christmasland again for more photos, but to be honest, it simply wasn't as good as the last time I was here in 2018. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Soda Can Upcycle

How many of you purchase things 100% for the packaging?  I definitely fall for packaging a lot, and back in 2016-2017 or so, a Taiwanese soda water brand, Ocean Bomb, collaborated with Pokemon to create limited-edition cans.  I don't drink soda water, but I sure do like Pokemon!

I've been moving the cans around with me from place to place, and finally, one of the cans accumulated enough air inside to misshapen and explode. Given that I cannot get these cans any more, I wanted to save it!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Packing tips for international flights

Safely landed in Taiwan and out of quarantine time now! Fortunately, I was able to quarantine at my mom's, though I had to remain in one room only.  I took photos of some packing I did and thought I'd share about my ideas and what I did for moving internationally!

First step is to just declutter as much as possible.  As I was leaving with no intention of returning to stay, I straight up threw away anything I had not used during my time (1.5 years) in the USA. Because I had moved there recently, I had not that many things anyway, but had accumulated some crafting items so I had to go through and decide what is replaceable and what is worth bringing.

Next, for jewelry that may become tangled, I threaded the chain portion through a straw and connect the clasp again. Reusable straws can work too, but I found this pack of disposable ones at the house. 

Then, I placed the necklaces on a clean towel and rolled it up. I secured the roll with my bracelets to keep them in shape 

Most of the necklaces only fit one side of the necklace into the straw because the lobster claw clasp is too large for this size. If you have a chunky necklace, a boba straw can work, too!

For my pressed powder products, I put a cotton round on top to add a buffer and help prevent them from shattering during the trip. While powder product can usually be re-pressed if it shatters, it saves you the mess and the hassle!

Of my powder pans, the Wet n Wild was definitely the most "loosely" pressed and fragile, but it survived just fine!
I actually dropped my Laura Mercier shimmer bloc while packing and it shattered... it is a baked formula with four divided colors so I decided just to declutter it since I only used two of the colors anyway. And of course, the two I used most were the ones that shattered the worst and got mixed up along with debris on the floor!

For  squeeze-tube liquid products, get the air squeezed out of them before putting the lid back on. The air pressure in the plane will change and the cargo area is not pressurized as much as the cabin, so the air will expand inside these soft tubes!  Make sure there is room for it to expand so you do not end up with a mess like I did on my original flight to the USA... one of my concealers had a little accident O_Q

Of course, then bag all liquids in resealable plastic bags, and then place them all together in another waterproof bag. My checked suitcase has a built-in waterproof compartment so that is what I used. If you are packing them directly on clothes, definitely use multiple layers of plastic!

Deciding what to put in my carry-on luggage was also important. On the off chance that luggage is delayed, rerouted, lost, etc., it is important to have your vitals (medication, ID, work-related things) on your person as well as a change of clothes for a few days.

Electronics already are in my backpack, so that was a simple choice, and then I chose the most "hassle-free" clothing I could. I packed a soft no-wire bra (from UNIQLO), a dress with a built-in bra top (also UNIQLO), and easy-care cotton T-shirts and skirts, a hoodie for warmth, a blanket (can be used on the plane, too!), a journal and pens, some hair elastics because long hair can tangle easily, and as many socks and underwear as I could shove into the spare spaces around everything else.

Check your checked baggage!  Because I was moving, not traveling, I decided to go with overweight bags.  It would end up being more affordable to pay the flat charge to get 20lb. extra in each bag than to replace 40lb. worth if things back in Taiwan. 
HOWEVER, because my flight was cancelled and (14 hours of customer service later....) I was rebooked with a different airline, the overweight fee was DOUBLE the original.
What would have been US$100 total for two overweight bags became US$200  !!!  That was not worth it.  Fortunately, my friend Duke had an extra suitcase he gave me, as a third checked bag (up to 50lb.) was US$100 or so.  Ended up being a much better deal!

When weight is not the main issue, being able to cram everything in became the biggest problem.  I used vacuum-sealing bags for my Lolita clothing and petticoats, sweaters/hoodies, and wore my overcoat and boots to save space.  

If you do not have actual vacuum-sealing bags with the one-way valve and everything, you can actually create a similar effect with regular sturdy bags (I recommend kitchen bin bags), filling it with compressible items, pushing out as much air as possible, and then sticking a vacuum hose in the opening to further compress it.   Cinch the top of the bag closed with your hand and tie a knot (do NOT use the drawstring as it will not be airtight) as quickly as possible after removing the vacuum hose.

Pack the vacuumed bags soon after compressing, just in case it is not a perfect seal and air begins to slowly leak in.  I stuck the bags in the suitcases, filled the spaces around them with smaller items, and then slammed the lid down and zipped the cases shut.  One of the bags DID reinflate on the flight over, but it ended up not being a big deal since I already had everything crammed in.

That's it for my very belated, short little tips/tutorial!  I'm in the process of moving into my own place now, so I'll update again after.

Thanks for sticking around and there will be more fun things soon!