Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Use Revive?


Hi, I'm back! Sorry I've been inactive. With school starting, I've really only been working in the daytime and going to school at night. I haven't touched any Lolita for quite some time!

For an apology, have a picture of the baby panda that was born at Taipei Zoo a few months ago:
 photo 20137867_zpsf1eed1c5.jpg
Image from CNA
His name is 圓仔/YuanZai, which is also a term for the glutinous rice soup ball things we eat for the Lantern Festival. And since his parents' names are 團團/TuanTuan and 圓圓/YuanYuan, YuanZai can be interpreted as "child of Yuan"
And he's entering the "cute" phase of panda life!

Any way, October brings about a lot of autumn goodness, such as pumpkin if you live in the West (sobbing because we don't have pumpkin anything here!) and Halloween!! Angelic Pretty recently posted about some Halloween photo event, but I thought the masks they posted were very cute. Take a look below:

I think these would be really cute for a Lolita Halloween party!
2013 Halloween photo 60271_zps264b56f4.jpg
2013 Halloween photo 60270_zpsf6b45e19.jpg

Ready-to-decorate full, half, and eye masks are readily available at craft stores. You could easily use fabric, craft foam/EVA foam, and accessories to create a similar mask yourself.