Friday, December 26, 2014

Collection of Taipei Christmas Photos!

Despite not being a Christian country, Taiwan loves to get in the holiday spirit and jumped on the holiday bandwagon!  It's not nearly as over-the-top as in America, but rather a tasteful celebration in my opinion (mostly for children.)  I've not attended any of the Christian churches here so I don't really know if they've gone the "Happy Birthday Jesus" route or the "No this is pagan burn the witches" route.  It is more likely to be the Happy Birthday Jesus one in my opinion ;)
Without further ado, here are just a few pictures I snapped!
This is Taiwan Teddy actually :D

Outside a restaurant by my school

At a night market

OK so this one is by me :P

In a restaurant

At my school

At one of the stops along the metro line
Regardless of what religion or holidays you celebrate, I hope you've all had a lovely day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hibernation in Taipei

I've been back from India for about two weeks now, but haven't done much because I needed to catch up on schoolwork (oh no three weeks of missing school!!  Right during midterm tests!) as well as the sudden temperature change between Mumbai and Taipei has made me into a hibernating bear.
This is Rambo.  I met him while we were painting the Mt. Mary Steps project

This is the Graffiti Jam

This is my first time taking Mumbai trains.  NO SAFETY so it is up to you to be wise!

This is the most tragic photo of my trip.  These kittens were fending for themselves.
There was some trouble with my schooling because I am on the brink of failing out already, but it may have been fixed.  I am still in the danger zone and may not graduate, but this has given me much time to think about my future.  I do not plan to continue schooling regardless of graduation results.  This is my final year, and that is all.


I also no longer wish to do a traditional shop, or even online webshop because I am unsatisfied with the current marketing format of trying to fight for customers who do not understand the work and money invested into products, and instead we are all (myself included) more interested in getting the most amount of stuff for the least amount of money, a la TaoBao.  My interest in fashion began because I wanted to make clothing for myself, and one-offs for friends.  Now that I have spent so many years doing this, I think I want to go back to these one-offs, making whatever I want without considering its market value, as well as taking custom orders from people who are willing to understand the value of work.  I am aware this means I will probably need to take another job in order to support myself financially, but in the long run I feel it will make me happier!  Trying to work out the market has aggravated all the anxiety and depression issues I was previously dealing with.

This also means I will probably not be focusing on as niche a topic on this blog, though I still adore traditional Lolita fashion so no worries, I will still be updating with it ;)

Additionally, I am exploring other styles I've always admired but never tried!  So hopefully more news will begin to update here.  Thanks for following along and for leaving comments.  It is always a light in my day to read them!