Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Not Even a Review: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania X melissa RHS

The original Rocking Horse Shoes by Vivienne Westwood are a Lolita staple, with many Lolita brands having come out with their own versions over the years.   I've wanted to own a pair of RHS since I first fell in love with Lolita fashion, but just browsing the website is enough to give your wallet a heart attack!

When the collaboration with melissa brand came out, I nearly bought a pair as they'd be waterproof (melissa specializes in plastic shoes) but couldn't reasonably afford them. I even went to a local melissa store to ask if they had any, but was told they were not going to import these designs.

Good luck struck as over the weekend I heard about an insane sale of Vivienne Westwood (among other brands) goods from one of our Lolita friends.  I went with Kamiko and found the very shoes I was looking for! Better yet, they were 90% off. That's right; I bought two pairs for one tenth the retail price!
Red and Black
Sadly, work has not been good to me so I was unable to pick up more colors (white, gray, and limited edition Rose Gold were also available) but I'm happy with what I got.

 The logo on the bottom is at the tip of the shoe, which doesn't touch the ground much when walking so I expect it will last a long time!
Logo at the ankle
That's one more thing off my Lolita bucket list! Given how often it rains here, maybe it's fate that I got the melissa collaboration rather than the authentic wood sole ones, which would suffer in the rain.

Word traveled fast and I visited the sale a total of three times, running into different lolitas each time. I wore the red pair the very next day to a lolita meetup, which will be in an upcoming post, so stay tuned to see them in action!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Rainbow Makeup Tutorial (CH and EN)

This was a very fun look to do! Just make sure to take time to layer and blend the colors so that they flow nicely from one color to the next. You can also do this look "upside-down" and put the cool colors on the bottom and the warm colors on top ^u^v

Friday, January 19, 2018

Makeup Use-up Goals

I just did an inventory of my makeup collection and set myself some goals to use it up by the end of the year with monthly updates on my progress.  I learned that I had some crazy amounts of certain items, such as 11 pink lipsticks and 6 purple ones (why??), 8 black/brown eyeliners and 8 colored ones (I only have two eyes!), 52 single eye shadows (help), and 7 mascaras. Makeup expires so I hope to get my money's worth by actually using them!

I've organized a spreadsheet with photos to help me keep track. This also means that there will likely be more makeup video posts from me!

Now, a favor to ask...

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Basic Gothic Makeup Tutorial (CH and EN)

I'm putting my Japan posts on hold until I can get the photos from my friend. In the meantime, I'm still practicing editing video footage (I took some footage in Japan, but am not sure if it can be used)
So here is a quick and easy Gothic look!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Closet Child x2, Alice Cafe, and Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

On the second day of our Tokyo trip, we visited two Closet Child shops and I bought a LOAD of stuff, including an overcoat because it was so cold!!
DIY coffee at the Family Mart!
 We also picked up hot drinks from vending machines and had fun taking fake advertisement images for them because they were our saviors haha!
Am I ready to make advertisements yet?
 The main event of the day was the Alice Cafe! I wore my Disney X BTSSB Alice JSK to match. It also happened to be Violet (Taiwan Teddy)'s birthday so we sang her a little song
Trying to look like a snooty queen
 The food choices were limited, but came is such large quantities that neither Neco nor I could finish everything on our plates.
Everything turned out looking white! It was such a big portion as well
 Happy Birthday to the birthday bear!
Happy Birthday to Violet!
 For dessert, I got a cup of ice cream in grape and vanilla flavors. This was my first time having a grape flavor ice that didn't have rum flavoring as well and I liked it!

We went to Don Quijote (sp?) to get slippers for indoors as well as some necessities. I spotted a collab between Econeco and Little Twin Stars and bought the hand cream because I just really adore Econeco's style of art!
Econeco! One of my favorite artists!
 At the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo I didn't buy as much as I did last year; just two Mokuro, a Shiron (snow Vulpix), chopsticks, and this gachapon!
Got Pikachu with his short little arms doing Z power!
 We got a simple dinner in the department store, which was still very yummy.
Simple dinner

I did my eye makeup in a new style to match my dress. I guess you could call this a floating cut crease in red and gold?
Makeup of the day
Medusa's makeup red shadow
Eyescream gold liner
L.A. colors gold glitter
Essence Princess Lash mascara

Purchases of the day:
Went a bit crazy with the shopping
Some of the purchases I made:
Alice Auaa dress

Slit up the side



BTSSB My Favorite Things JSK

How cute is this?

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year in Tokyo

Happy New Year! This is going to be a series of posts about spending the new year season in Tokyo. I went with another lolita this time, and we stayed in Shinjuku close to Shinjuku station, which is close to Harjuku station.  There's a lot of write about, and not many photos as I was experiencing more than recording, but I hope you enjoy what I have to share!

We stayed at a BnB which was very affordable, but is still considered illegal in Japan. The hosts asked us to say we were visiting friends if asked.

 We did end up going to Disney! But that's for another post.

There is a bus that goes directly from the airport to Shinjuku station, so that was very easy. I took the wrong exit though (New South Exit instead of South Exit) and happened to see this beautiful Christmas display: