Monday, March 22, 2010

Going to Taiwan!

A couple days ago I got my acceptance letter from the University in Taiwan I applied for. This means that I will be moving to Taiwan! I posted an intro on the Taiwan Lolita BBS board today and hope to make some new friends :)

I hope that my blog can become more interesting after I move to Taiwan. It should be a different experience! Also I would like to see the Taiwan lolita scene in person :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward into Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day Princesses!!
Also, Happy Daylight Savings! We have pocketed an hour for fall now :)

While it may be difficult to get up one hour earlier, there is a bit of good news! Caribou Coffee will be offering a free espresso shot today and Monday! I think I will have to go pick up a cup of Caribou Coffee on my way to internship today ;)

Does Starbucks have this deal? I know that some places do not have Caribou Coffee :( I was pretty sad when I went to Taiwan and there was not a Caribou in sight! Though to be honest, I don't really mind whether my coffee comes from Starbucks or Caribou. I just prefer Caribou because I like the interior decoration and the logo better ^^;

So now we have free "moose it" for Daylight Savings, what about Pi Day?

Well, the easiest and most common celebration is to eat some pie!
Have you got the new BABY, the STARS SHINE BRIGHT Very Berry Sweet Pie print?

What a perfect occasion to wear it!

Usually springing forward one hour makes me crabby and late for whatever I happen to be doing that day because I always forget!

But today I did not have early plans and could get up at a decent hour (though I was actually awaken by my mommy on the phone talking too loudly...) and take my time getting ready. Waking up is an art, and I prefer not to keep clocks by my bedside so that I will not feel rushed when I am slowly making my way from the Land of Dreams to the Land of Reality. Hopefully, I will be able to compose an entry (or maybe series) of posts on bedrooms or just rooms in general :) I have lots of pretty pictures to share! Interior decorating is one of my secret hobbies ;) I want to make all my rooms look princessy and Rococo! Hopefully I will be able to decorate when I move later this year :D

Lolita 100 meme #31-40

(31) あなたのモットーは?(What is your motto?)
Do whatever makes you happiest, as long as you are hurting nobody (including yourself)

(31) 将来の夢は?(Your dreams of the Future?)
Launch my Carousel Cafe line in earnest! It is actually a lot of work!

(33) この人は絶対ロリィタ似合う! と思う有名人の方はいますか?("This person is so perfect for lolita!" - Do you ever think that about certain celebraties?)
No... ^^; I am not really up to date with celebrities!

(34) 一番思い出の詰まったお品とその思い出を教えて下さい。(Any products/items you have with a fond memory?)
Everything has memories with it....
Right now I suppose my BABY Ribbon Lace Up Ring is a good one because my sister bought it for me (though I paid her $50 when she came back) when she went to California! How lovely!

Most of my clothes are handmade, so they have good (or bad) memories about the making process!

(35) 一番最初に手に入れたお品は?(What was your first item?)
Well it was the handmade ita skirt... but eventually I got some better handmade items :) My first Brand item was two BABY the STARS SHINE BRIGHT lucky packs!

(36) 写真を撮る時の決めポーズはありますか?(Have you got a pose for photos?)
make as crazy of a face as possible!!!!

(37) アナタの心のバイブルを教えて下さい。(本・雑誌・CDなど何でも)(What is your heart's bible? [book/magazine/CD/etc])
my lolita spirit! Well, actually I like to reread Kamikaze Girls sometimes because I like Momoko's attitude~

(38) 一番高い踵の靴は何cmありますか?(what is the best cm for heels?)
hm... probably around 5 cm

(39) ティアラはつけたことがありますか?(Do you wear tiaras?)
no, but I wish!

(40) たまには王子をやってみたいと思いますか? また、どんな王子? 暗黒系? 白馬系?(Do you think you want to try prince style? What kind of prince? Ankoku-kei [Gothic/dark prince]? Or "prince on a white horse" style?)
I think it would be sort of fun to be a Gothic prince! Very spooky~

Friday, March 5, 2010

Review~Chandra Almond & Geranium Moisturizer

I got a sample of this in the mail and decided to try it out. I am a fan of natural beauty supply!

Description: This rich cream is formulated with almond, geranium, wheat germ and lavender oils for supple skin and a glowing complexion. Ideal for normal skin.

Well, sad to say, I did not like it :( Perhaps I am simply used to gel moisturizer now, but the cream left a greasy feeling on my skin for about 4 hours after application. The scent was too strong for me - I am wary of putting too much smell on my face. I was aware of the floral scent for several hours afterward.

In conclusion, I definitely will not be buying this product ever!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tiana's Kitchen~湯圓 Tang Yuan for Lantern Festival!

This is a recipe for traditional food for Lantern Festival, which was this past Sunday!

This will contain many photos!


this is the cheater method. Use black sesame powder :D we use 多多 brand. this is 4 packs

Vegetable shortening

add about two spoonfuls

mix it up! It should be a smooth paste when you are done

roll them into little marble-sized balls

put in freezer overnight!
So easy!


one and a half package of glutinous rice flour (16 oz packs)
since we don't measure, just go by feeling! It will most likely turn out fine

add little bit of water to form little pancakes with a little bit of the flour like this

cook in boiling water. They will float when done

toss them into the rest of the flour! This makes the outside extra Q (like chewy, but not gooey chewy, just... Q chewy.... yea)

knead the flour with the cooked pieces and add water until it becomes smooth dough

it should look beautiful

break into small pieces. Keep the extra dough covered in the bowl to keep it from drying out

Flatten into a round. Keep the center thicker than the edges so when you overlap the edges to seal it they will not become too thick

place filling in center

wrap up the filling

roll it smooth!

it should look beautiful

You can add food coloring too! or make plain ones with no filling! Just make the dough into little balls!

halo by

Cinnamoroll and Geodude by kitti. They look approximately the same...

which is which??

mushroom by me!!!!

snail by me!!!

Medusa by kitti

heart by me!

pink heart by me!

Armadillo by kitti, but I cut the ears

Arbok by kitti

Ponyta by me! (don't say anything or I'll hit you!)

baseball cap from kitti

Espeon by kitti

to cook, just boil in hot water. They will float when done ^u^