Monday, September 2, 2013

Disney Lolita Collaboration, Classic Style

Disney Japan has done another Lolita collaboration! See the previous post on the Gothic and Lolita Alice in Wonderland post here

This time is a Classic Lolita collection with BABY, Alice and the Pirates, and Crystal Ball. There are Alice and Wonderland and Cinderella clothing and household items.

By the way, sorry for such a long absence from blogging. I had a friend visit for two weeks and then I've just been working, so haven't really done anything interesting or Lolita at all!

Anyway, my favorite item from the collaboration is actually this accessory holder from the Alice collection:

 photo Q413CL_ACC_STAND_R_zps04b241d9.jpg
Isn't it cute? Very useful, too!

I love the Cinderella jewelry too:
 photo bg_cinderella02_zps4e91a2d6.jpg
The necklace is a bit over the top, but in a very beautiful way, I think. I'm not sure when I'd ever wear such a thing, but it's gorgeous!

The Cinderella OP is very decadent and hime. I LOVE the princess bell sleeves on it!
 photo img_dress01_zpsb5acf338.jpg
 photo Q413CL_BABY_DRESS_CDY_R_zps54549329.jpg

The Alice skirt is less my style:
 photo img_codeItem04_zps5e980760.jpg

But I like the tights:
 photo img_codeItem01_zps05d3bc49.jpg
I can't really wear printed tights too much because I'm too chubby and stretch them out, skewing the print and weakening the tights. I rip tights VERY easily! So that is why I don't buy expensive or special tights ^^;

If you could create a collaboration with any Disney cartoon, which would you choose?
I would want to do a collaboration with Beauty and the Beast! Belle's daily dress and her ballgown are both gorgeous, and the Beast's suit would make for some awesome dress or kodona/ouji style. Plus, the castle is full of so many furniture characters that could be accessories or room goods. So many possibilities!

Check out the website here!