Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Detour Review!

Detour was surprisingly fun! It moved to a new hotel this year, and it was much bigger so it was less crowded and more fun!

I helped Blasphemina's Closet all weekend in the Dealer's Room. It was PACKED! I wore my BTSSB Gingham Rose OP in pink on Friday, my Rococo JSK in rose pink on Saturday, and my Wa-Lolita on Sunday! Then I had to change in the parking lot and run off to work ^^;

Photos are after the cut!

Friday's Outfit:

Saturday's Outfit:

and unfortunately I don't have event shots of my wa-lolita outfit!!
Here, have some DA photos!

I had my hair up in Sailor Moon hair like I did on the first day though :3 I think it looks cuter that way! Also I was not wearing glasses!

Anyway, I saw a lot of lolitas at Anime Detour! A lot of them were itas, but at least they looked happy! :) There was a girl wearing a super cute pink dress with black ribbon print from a Chinese company she bought through QCute. It was so cute because when Blasphemina asked her where she had gotten her dreass, she said "oh it's a Chinese brand..." like it was a bad thing! Not true! Cheap Chinese brands can do it right, too!

Speaking of cheap brands, guess who was selling at Anime Detour? BODYLINE! There was a pretty good selection of clothes there with good lace and decent design :) Of course there were couple pieces with plastic lace and questionable design, but most of them were actually good! They were also selling some shoes there. Heart buckle replicas that I wanted so much! It was very nice to be able to see them in person :) They came in both patent leather and non-patent leather, and I must say that the non-patent leather ones look LOADS better!

This girl bought that JSK from Bodyline, and this matching headbow from Blasphemina! It was a funny coincidence and she ended up looking so cute :)

All in all, it was a good experience for me. I hope that one day I will be able to sell my wares so successfully too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anime Detour!

In a sudden change of events, I will be attending Anime Detour!

Detour was the first convention I ever went to. It is definitely more anime-centered than Japan-centered, so I actually stick mainly to the Artist Alley and Dealer's Room ^^;

This year, I am going to help Blasphemina's Closet with her Dealer's Room table! I will be there Friday and Saturday :)

Of course, now this means that I have to think of something to wear @_@ I am thinking on Friday I will wear my Ribbon Rose Gingham One Piece in pink without the sleeves:

My arms are too long and fat for the detachable sleeves T^T

Then on Saturday I would prefer to wear something that I made XD I am planning on wearing my Rococo JSK in Rose Pink

If I can finish the new underdress I am making for class in time, then I would probably wear that under the JSK instead of separate blouse and underskirt! I spent today putting in all the pin tucks and the ruffle on the hem. Unfortunately, I burned the fabric on accident with my iron... right on center front!! When I am finished, I will post photos :)

Is anybody else going to Anime Detour? Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lolita 100 Meme #41-50

(41) レースはどんな種類が好きですか?(What types of lace do you like?)
I like the cotton venise best probably, because it can make beautiful shapes...
But I also really like crocheted cotton lace a lot :) Embroidered netting lace is also really beautiful, but I am only so-so for it

(42) お人形さんを所有していますか? 持っている方はその子に対する思いを熱くどうぞ!(Do you own a doll? Does it give you fun, childish feelings?)
I own teddy bears!! and YES! So many fun feelings :3

(43) ロリィタ時の鞄の中身は?(What is in your lolita bag?)
anti-stain pen, a touch-up lipgloss or lipstick (I recently started to wear nude lipstick :) I like it!), a Hello Kitty small mirror, oil absorbing paper, Hello Kitty band-aid, and a small notepad and pen

(44) 好きな花は何ですか?(What is your favourite flower?)
bleeding hearts or lily of the valley or water lily probably :)

(45) 今、一番のお気に入りアクセサリーはどんなもの?(Right now, what is your favourite accessory?)
My BTSSB ribbon lace-up ring!

(46) お気に入り・お勧めの化粧品を教えて下さい。(Please reccommend us some cosmetics.)
I like natural look with no cosmetics... ;) But I love Diorshow Blackout mascara!

(47) パッチリお目目はお人形さんの証! ということでつけまつ毛は使っていますか?(With Eye-tape your eyes look like a Doll's! What eyelashes will you wear?)
Diorshow Blackout Mascara! Haha
I want to start trying out false eyelashes though. It looks like fun!

(48) アイメイクの拘りをどうぞ。(Your eyemakeup for these eyelashes?)
bright eyeshadow!!

(49) 口紅は赤? 青? 黒? ピンク?(Red Lipstick? Blue? Black? Pink?)
pink or nude color!

(50) マニキュアは何色を使うことが多いですか? (Or which nail polish do you choose normally?)
light pink colors. I like the nail polish that enhances the natural nail color!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alternative Fashion POV

I thought that this episode of "Father Mother D: Very Big" (terrible translation, I know) was very interesting. It is on the different perspectives of alternative fashion from parents and their kids (who wear such style)

The two biggest important points (in my opinion) that were brought up in the video:

"Being Yourself"
Lolitas know this better than anyone! We dress for ourselves, not to attract attention, not to rebel against our parents (though maybe we are rebelling against societal norm?), but because it makes us feel good in our hearts.

"Dress =/= Behavior"
There was quite a bit of parental concern that their kids would become involved with bad habits due to their dress. While it was aimed more towards the punk and vkei styles, it applies very much to lolita style too. For some reason, there seems to be the expectation that lolitas will be a certain way - stereotypes! The lolita wearing Royal Poodle points out that alternative fashion is a hobby. Having a hobby will prevent them from spending their time and money chasing after other bad habits, because they will be spending their time and money on their appearance.
However, most of the kids are still good to their parents, work hard in school, and basically are still "good kids". No worry!

Does anybody know how to download a video, add subtitles, and then reupload? I would like to sub this and put it on YouTube so it can be better understood!