Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Upcoming

Working two jobs during finals is stupid. Just so you all know. Hope everybody had a lovely Christmas! I will post some Secret Santa photos and also a last minute tea party for Angelic Pretty model RinRin Dolly in Taipei! I JUST got home from the tea party and it was quite fantastic!

I do apologize for the lack of posts :P Hope everybody not in Asia is enjoying their winter break!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Meetup Report~Le Petit Fruit Cafe (And Mr. Poison)

Yesterday (12/18) The Taipei Lolitas got together for a little meetup!
I ended up being an hour late because I got off at the wrong stop, and then waited 45 minutes for another Lolita. And then we got in a taxi who couldn't find the cafe...

Photo of our backs!

And as promised, here is photos of the skirt to pants salopette I made:

The cafe was super cute! The mascot is an adorable rabbit with sharp teeth. They also sell some merchandise with this mascot on it. Very cute!



Cookies Milk. Not as good as I thought it would be haha!

After the meetup I went out with KAMIKO to another shopping district and went to eat at Mr. Poison (strange name, I know...)

I discovered the magic that is ice cream + coffee!! SO good. Try it sometimes!

I ended up not being able to finish this... I just left some rice behind!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It Smells Like Holiday Season

Having grown up in America for 20 years, I am sad to say that my family never actually did the whole eggnog an gingerbread house thing for Christmas. Sure, we had a Christmas tree and I'm pretty sure we did a popcorn string... once... when we were very young...

My friends in Taiwan like to ask me about life in America and I feel like a pretty fail American ^^; But this year my sister and her husband and I got together and made some proper eggnog and a real gingerbread house with real gingerbread!!

It was very fun, even though our gingerbread house looks like a kindergarten craft project, I want to share it!!!

This is the mini tool-shed I made to go with our house as a teaser photo. You know you want to see everything else!

First up: My first eggnog!

I made this by hand! It was quite easy. I reduced the rum from 500ml to 100ml because... my sister and I have terrible alcohol tolerance ^^;

Being very precise about our gingerbread house

My cookies~


My sister and her husband. Working hard. Lots of focus.

All put together!

The fantastic chimney blows my mind!!!

The heads of gummy bears. We may have had a bit too much eggnog at this point



Other Side

I brought this home and our house smells fantastically like gingerbread now, and it has made me excited for Christmas!

How do you celebrate the holiday season? Any family traditions or fun crafts/recipes? Fun memories? I want to know!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Gloom

There has been an unfortunate invasion of The Gloom. It attacks during periods of stress, insomnia, and rainy weather.

The Gloom is the reason for a lack of posts recently. That, plus I actually am not too sure what to post about! I should probably take more outfit shots, but tend to forget because Lolita is quite the norm for me so I don't even think about it!

Recently I have been doing quite a bit of sewing, so there will probably be a sewing post soon :) I made a skirt-to-pants salopette based on the Putumayo transforming dress:

I am not a fan of the JSK style or full-shirring, so I made it a salopette instead. I plan to wear it to the Lolita meetup on the 20th, so photos will come then!

In addition to that, I have also successfully made a MAGICAL WALLET that separates bills from coins when you throw them all in.

I made it as a Secret Santa gift based on a design I saw at the Design Expo I went to in mid-October. Unfortunately, everything was behind glass and it was quite difficult to tell how the wallet was made, so I had to make everything up. After a failed attempt (it was still a functional wallet, so I gave it to my sister) I finally figured out how to layer the fabrics to make it MAGICAL!

While not strictly Lolita, this wallet is a good way to use up excess scraps from previous sewing projects (all those bloomers and JSKs leave quite a bit of random scraps!) so if there is any interest, I can write a tutorial for the wallet. It is not difficult, and makes a nice gift! I have already made another one to send to a Lolita girlfriend back in MN. Having a cute wallet to match your outfit is pretty important, right?

If I do more sewing tutorials, would you prefer video format or photo format as I have been doing previously?
I have been considering doing video tutorials because sometimes it is easier to show on video than in photos, but I don't have a good video editor so it may not end up being better. Maybe MS Paint + photos is actually better XD

Let me know if you have a preference (or should I do both??) or any tutorial requests!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sparkle Stitches~Fancy Lolita Canotier Tutorial!

Hair accessories can really bring an outfit from casual to fancy! Recently I have become quite enthusiastic about hand-stitching some ribbon projects. This one is originally for my class, but I rewrote the instructions in English for my readers, too!

This canotier can be made in any color with many different types of material for different styles. Try it out yourself! No machine required :)

*寬緞帶 (50mm寬左右)/ Wide Ribbon (an inch or two wide)
*細緞帶 (5mm寬左右) / Narrow Ribbon (just a few mm wide)
*雷絲 / Lace
*珍珠 / Pearl Beads
*吊飾 / Charm
*針線 / Needle and Thread
*鐵梳子 / Wire Comb

NOTE: I did a previous tutorial on making ribbon roses here where there are more detailed instructions!
1) 將寬緞帶從右邊開始捲。 捲2-3圈用針線固定住。
Starting from the right side of the ribbon, roll it 2-3 times and stitch.

2) 左邊多出來的緞帶往後折45度角,在繼續從右邊捲。 用針線固定
Fold the ribbon on the left side away from you and continue rolling from the right side, stitching as you go.

3) 繼續邊折邊捲直到花朵到你想要的大小。
Continue folding, rolling, and stitching until the rose is the size you want.

4) 花朵縫完再用細緞帶做葉子。
Using thin ribbon, create loops and stitch for the leaves.

5) 把花花的根往旁邊壓扁縫死。
Fold over the stem and stitch it flat.

6) 用兩條細緞帶縫到10cm長的寬緞帶上。
Sew two lines of thin ribbon onto a length of thick ribbon (about twice as long as you want your final ribbon to be).

7) 把寬緞帶縫成圈,再把中間折成蝴蝶結用線固定。
Sew the wide ribbon into a loop and gather the center into a ribbon-shape.

8) 用一小段寬緞帶折一半縫在蝴蝶結中央。
Take a short section of wide ribbon, fold in half width-wise, and secure around the center of the main body.

9) 剪一段雷絲邊抽細折,縫成圈。 可以多加幾成雷絲比較華麗。
Cut a length of lace and gather it into a circle. The length depends on the thickness of your lace and the fullness of your circle. Add more layers for more elegance!

10) 把花朵和蝴蝶結縫在雷絲圈上。 再把珍珠和吊飾串成一串縫上去。
Arrange your flowers and ribbon on the lace and stitch them down. Thread your pearls and charm onto a string and stitch them in place.

11) 將頭飾縫到一段寬緞帶上, 下方能縫梳子幫忙固定就完成了!
Attach the finished canotier onto a long length of wide ribbon (long enough to tie into a big bow under your chin) and secure a wire comb on the underside for extra security. You are finished!

POINT! Using a wide ribbon for the tying-on ribbon prevents a double-chin and makes a more beautiful bow. If you really want to use thinner ribbon, you can try tying it under your hair behind your head instead. You may need more bobby pins to secure it to your head in this case!

I hope this tutorial was helpful to some of you! This canotier and others are available for sale on my Etsy Shop!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale!

Wow, I almost forgot about Thanksgiving! It is only an American holiday, so it pretty much went unnoticed ^^;

However, Black Friday is always very exciting in a dreadful sort of way. While I have not heard of anybody dying this year, apparently there was some pepper spray being used???? Stateside readers, how did you fare on Black Friday? Any hauls? Fights? Lock yourself in the basement and play video games to avoid the masses? Or did you have to... WORK RETAIL? (If you did, I truly feel sorry for you!)

Black Friday is no longer an in-store only thing. There is also Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday! And on that note, I present to you a coupon code to use in my Etsy shop for FREE SHIPPING! Just enter the code CYBERMON11 when checking out :) The coupon is valid now through Monday (though just for my blog readers, I'll let you know that I'll probably let it run through noon on Tuesday so it goes until Monday night in the US)

I hope you have a lovely and safe weekend!

P.S. I plan to add some more accessories (hair corsages/canotiers, specifically) to my shop. I'd love to hear what colors, themes, ideas, etc. you would like to see!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Meetup Report~ Handicraft Meetup! Making Berets

Generally, Lolita meetups consist of afternoon tea or a fun luncheon. In the US we also sometimes had meetups based on events such as a movie or going to a festival together.

Here in Taiwan, we almost always have afternoon tea and then photoshooting before being ushered out of the restaurant due to time restraints. Handicraft meetups are fun, but much more difficult to execute due to lack of space and time.

Luckily, this month we were able to get a room and bring our own cake/drinks/snacks and sit for several hours to decorate some berets!!

With wintertime just around the corner, berets are a fun and stylish way to keep your head nice and toasty warm~

Much thanks to the organizers! We group ordered the berets from TaoBao last month and the organizers handed them out and collected the money at the meetup. They also bought cakes for everybody!


I got to wear my altered Little Bear Cafe skirt and it was my first time wearing a bonnet of any sort! I made a half-bonnet from the layer I cut off of the skirt (it is a Dream of Lolita replica)



Nail Art

Doing Self-Introductions~

My finished beret! I just made it up as I went ^^; I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though!

After I got home and took down my hair I tried on my beret :) This is my very first beret, so I hope it looks nice!

See my altered skirt!!

Back view

Some tips I learned for wearing a beret from other Lolitas:
*After putting the beret on, pull it toward the back a little to show the decoration in front and prevent it from sagging forward
*Use a comb sewn to the front inside to prevent it from sliding off (esp. if wearing a wig!)
*OR use two wide ribbons sewn to the sides to tie it on
*Try wearing it to the left or right for a different look

It was a super fun meetup and I got to try 2 new headwear accessories!! ^u^v
What is your favorite headwear accessory? I think I have fallen in love with the beret! I might want to get more ^u^

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sparkle Stitches~Drawstring Pouch

Yay I'm back! Midterms were pretty terrifying and I ran out of time to finish :( I am a little sad and disappointed, but I really tried my best so it is best not to let it get me down!

Homework is getting more intense, but I will still try to update regularly :)

Today I am posting a tutorial for a little handheld drawstring bag/pouch. It can be made entirely by hand for those of you who lack a machine :D I made this in my "Hand Crafts" class. The fabric I used was plain, but this would be quite cute made out of a handkerchief!

Ugly Photo

A bag like this is a cute alternative to gift wrap or if you happen to wear kimono or Wa-Lolita and cannot carry anything on your arms/shoulders.

*40-50公分長X寬的四方型布料/40-50cm square fabric

Hem the edges of your fabric unless you are using a handkerchief.
Fold your fabric in half right-sides together
Fold into thirds
3)把第2步驟的形狀打開,在剛剛折好的兩條線直縫。 開口的那頭要留1-2公分的空間。
Open up the folded thirds. Sew along the creases you just made, leaving 1-2cm at the top unsewn:
Red: stitching line
Blue: un-stitched space
4)縫完後將小三角型往外翻。 前後都要看到布的正面喔!
Flip one of the triangles you just sewed right-side out. You should be able to see the right side of the fabric on the front and back!
Repeat on the other side, overlapping the triangle from step 4
6)在兩個三角形重疊過的部分縫直線。 只要縫到兩成布料。 縫好應該成為雙面信封口袋的狀況。
Stitch the overlapping portions together. ONLY sew through the top TWO layers of fabric or you will sew your bag shut! This step is best sewn by hand. Repeat on the other side.
7)在來把上方的三角形往下折。 之前流下的1-2公分要一起折下來。
Fold the top down on both sides, including the 1-2cm you left un-stitched previously.
Stitch across the top to create the case for the cord
8)用一段比袋子的關渡關兩倍的緞帶從一變的縫穿過第7步驟縫的小空間,繞一圈從同一個縫出去。 頭尾留個5公分左右。(圖是由上往下看)
Take a section of ribbon/cord more than twice the width of your bag and thread it in a circle through the channel made in step 7 (use a safety pin on the end to help thread it through!)
Bird's X-Ray Eye view (looking down from the top)
9) 緞帶尾巴打結後再從另一邊重複同樣的動作。 再打個結就完成袋子囉!
Tie the ends of the ribbon/cord in a knot and repeat on the other side.
You're finished!

Please let me know if there are any steps that are not clear! I've been using my bag to carry the supplies for my Hand Crafts class :) It is quite handy!