Sunday, January 31, 2016

BABY Happy Pack 2016

I previously mentioned I'd been planning on buying the BABY Happy Pack from either Laina or Hako, and yesterday I received it!  I ended up springing for the lavender colorway, which is lavender X sax blue.

Of course, what you are most interested in in pictures, so I will share them!  The photos are shown with the Classical Puppets bell-shaped petticoat.

I'm quite glad the fabric is not shiny the way it looked in the photos.  It's got a lovely hand and is smooth and nice to touch.  The ribbon is my favorite type of ribbon, smooth and plush. The bow on the center front top is removable so you can wear it at the waist or as an accessory on your bag or elsewhere.

This JSK does NOT have a zipper; it is a pull-on style.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rar! Large Animals Abound!

First meet-up of the new year (or last of the lunar year)!  The theme this time was one of my choice: large animals!

Of course, there were loads of bears and a horse, but I went for zebra/giraffe, and Doro actually had a giraffe in her skirt print as well!  Not exactly a commonly-seen animal in Lolita fashion (or in general, really) ^u^

We went to Guess What, which was small and a bit crowded, but has no time limit so we could sit and chat for a long time!
Doro: giraffe, XiaoLu: bear, XiaoWang: bear, Hako: horse, Niya: bear, Laina: deer, Me: zebra/giraffe, Teddy: bear

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year coordinate

A bit of a delayed post, but here are some photos from the crossing of 2015 to 2016!!
Happy New Year!
At the metro station