Sunday, March 10, 2019

Afternoon Tea at 春日甜 Bistro Cafe

Happy Sunday everybody!  The weather has been cold and rainy recently T^T  But today I went out for a lovely afternoon tea with my friend Kamiko!  We went to 春日甜Bistro Cafe near 中山 Zhongshan Station.

It's pretty inside, and their desserts vary a little with the seasons!  This time, we got little piggy mouse desserts for Year of the Pig!
3-Tier dessert: NT$1300 + 10% service charge
Overall it's a pretty nice place and there is a two-hour eating time limit, though if it is not crowded I don't think they will enforce that strictly.  The desserts are handmade in-house, and the kitchen (and bathroom) are in the basement floor, where we were seated.

This is pretty much going to be a food post.

Mintaiko mashed potato gratin (?) with egg on top: Virtually no mintaiko flavor, but otherwise OK
Cold soup: Slightly savory, slightly creamy, not much flavor

Forest Fruit Tea: Fragrant and good!  Free if you check-in on facebook

Matcha cake with red bean filling and raspberry(?) cream on top: Very good!
Blueberry milk jelly: Yummy!

Nuts chocolate cake I think?  Quite good!

Strawberry douhua (dessert tofu): A strange combo.  Not bad, but I'm not sure?
Passionfruit mousse pig: Tangy and good!
French gummy: Good soft texture, smooth, extremely sweet!  Drink tea!
Macaron with pearl: Close the macaron for 3-5 minutes for best flavor! Is yummy!  Pearl is white chocolate.
We were both wearing casual Lolita today and it was good because it was rainy!  The one-piece I am wearing is from this year's BTSSB Happy Pack that Laina picked up for me while she was in Japan!  The coat I wore is also from BABY.  I was a very pink Lolita today ^u^v