Monday, July 22, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Zihling Huang

Time for a smaller artist spotlight~  Today is a Taiwanese artist named Zihling Huang (Instagram)(website)  I first found her art through her collaborations with my friend's Lolita brand Little Rose Planet and fell in love with her style!

Image from her Instagram

Described as "a mix of sweet girls with some weirdness added," her girls are "doll-like creatures walking a line between human and inhuman."

Similar to Yoh's Monochrome World, whom I previously wrote about, she does very detailed lines with some yami-kawaii (sick-but-cute) elements as well as dark or Gothic designs.

Image from her Instagram
The proportions and faces of her characters are much more human and less exaggeratedly spindly, though, which I think adds a more kawaii charm to her style.

Image from her Instagram
If you'd like to wear any of her art, be sure to visit Little Rose Planet (JSK, SK, tights are all available!) and support two local Taiwanese artists!!

Do you have any local artists you are a fan of?  Please share if you do because I really want to know more small artists!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Artist Spotlight: ECONECO

It should come as no surprise that ECONECO (Instagram) (Art Shop) (Products Shop) is one of my favorite artists!!  Her dreamy pastel colors and deco'd canvases are totally my style *u*   Of course, I've previously blogged about meeting ECONECO when she came to Taipei  (1st time)(apparently I didn't blog the second time, only post on Instagram)(3rd time) and now own a few little things with her art!
Flashback to the first time I met and purchased ECONECO!

There is a whole series of cosmetics and home goods in collaboration with ECONECO available in Taiwan as well.  I miss it!  I did purchase the BB cream for the packaging, but it turns out to be a good BB cream as well!

From ECONECO Instagram
On LINE you can add the ECONECO TW account to get a free mobile wallpaper each month.  I cannot seem to link the account on the webpage, but if you use LINE you can do a name search to find it I'm sure.
2019.07 monthly wallpaper
 She also visits Taiwan quite often, and did again in July!! (Crying because I missed out!)  She even did a special wallpaper using four Taiwanese animals:
Formosan Blue Magpie, Formosan Black Bear, Formosan Clouded Leopard,, and Formosan Macaque 
The blended pastel colors, canvases with strass crystals and peals, and whimsical settings I think would be popular with Lolitas!
From ECONECO Instagram

I think the deco canvases are really a cute and unique touch.  If I had art skills I would want to attach sequins, pearls, and jewels to my artwork, too!  It reminds me of a puzzle I had as a child that came with a glitter pen so you could decorate the completed puzzle.

Let me know what you think!  Also if you have any similar artists that you are a fan of, I want to know!!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Little Sweet, A Little Spooky

Have you ever scrolled through your own photo albums or Instagram feed and just felt like you pose the same way all the time?  I know I have just a couple go-to poses for outfit shots, so recently I tried out different poses and learned that SO many of these "casual" poses are difficult to angle/hold correctly if you are taking the photos yourself.

FYI this post is just going to be random talking ^u^v

I like candid shots like when I was playing with Natto (it also shows my makeup look haha) but it's difficult to show an outfit like that~

Normally I take outfit shots standing up, but trying to show more close-up pictures in a square image for Instagram is more complicated... 
Am I effortlessly chic yet?
However, it was really sort of fun to try and copy a bunch of poses found online!  I really feel like certain outfits fit certain poses better.  If you find yourself going back to the same few stances in pictures, maybe try copying some models who use poses you'd not have thought about doing before~
That reminds me... didn't I start a "posing" series like seven years ago on this blog?  Originally it was going to be face-specific gestures and some Lolita-friendly poses, but I think I gave up on it because it just wasn't very interesting ^^;

Other random images!!

Taking myself out on a date makeup:
I am awful at "natural" makeup so I'm wearing zero eyeshadow here ^^;  Just mascara and face makeup!
 Hanging out with the cat makeup:
Natto is acting like a tough guy but he's a big softie
 Colorful days!!!
I LOVE these hair accessories!
 And one final spooky one:
Jewelry love
I really love original googly eyes *u*

OK I really haven't had anything interesting to talk about.  Still looking for work, getting medical help, and hanging out with friends when there is time.

How is your summer going?

I still haven't gone to any Lolita-specific events here, but it seems like it's mostly just small meets anyway and usually not anywhere I can easily get to.  Been taking myself out on Loli-dates when I can!

Recently I will likely just blog to share interesting things like artists and maybe indie brands.

All makeup details on my Instagram accounts @_sparklewolfie_ and @white_bones if you are curious! Or you could ask in the comments if you don't like or use Instagram :P