I am Sparklewolfie. I am an ABC Lolita. What is ABC, you ask? It means American-Born Chinese. My parents moved to USA where I was born and grew up in a fairly traditional Chinese household. I am also a Lolita.

Right now I am living in Taiwan! I moved here to go to Shih Chien University for fashion. I tested into the Fashion Program in June 2011. I have graduated from a technical college (2-year) in MN, USA so I have a diploma in Apparel Technology and an Advanced Certificate in Apparel Technology. I hope to be able to launch my own line of Lolita clothing, Carousel Cafe Fashion (seen in the English GLB 2. That was my very first fashion show!).

Carousel Cafe Fashion focuses on daily wear with an emphasis on ease of cleaning, comfort, and affordability. I currently have an Etsy shop (also linked in the side bar) if you would like to see what is available for sale! Everything can be customized and I also take commissions.

This blog is just a diary-type blog where I post my thoughts, meetup reports, Lolita News, tutorials, and some information on Taiwan, though I try to keep Taiwan posts only to big news or Lolita-related.

Any input is much appreciated!

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at theabclolita @ gmail Read More......