Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweets for the Sweet~ La Douceur

The day before school started, there was a Lolita meetup dedicated entirely to dessert :D We went to a patisserie called La Douceur and ate nothing but dessert and tea/coffee!

Normally we have real food at our meetups, but it was fun to just have dessert, too! At the RinRin Tea Party in Taipei we asked RinRin about Japanese Lolita meetups and she said they really do only eat sweets. I think I'd go mad!

Dynamic angle! Everything we ordered!

I got a chance to wear a new JSK! I originally made it to sell, but it didn't sell so I am keeping it now :D I love it!

First mermaid-themed outfit!

I did my hair in a new style - no heat big waves! Quite easy and I think it looks like mermaid hair~

This is the display case at La Douceur!
I honestly wanted to try everything, but it is quite pricey!!

My tiramisu macaron. It was the size of a hamburger! Extremely delicious, though! It cost NT$150 O_Q

I'd love to try and make this, but my last attempt at macarons failed quite miserably... and to try and make them this size would be awful!

What I looked like on the outside

What I wanted to do on the inside

Afterward some of us went to Pigi's house to eat potatoes and cherries because... eating only sweets really isn't that filling!!

Do you prefer to eat sweet or savory food at Lolita Meetups?" I personally prefer afternoon tea with tea trays because you get tiny servings of a variety of foods... I think I just like to eat???