Monday, April 2, 2012

Mister Rococo now available in English!

Hi! Thanks for still reading ^u^v I'm still crazy busy all the time! But this week is Creativity Week (haha best translation I could come up with) so there is no school, though I still need to work in the mornings. I hope to be able to get some tutorials up if I manage to finish my homework!

Anyway, I am excited because Mister Rococo, the short film about a Lolita and a pro-wrestler, is now available in English (after what, two years??) on iTunes! Unfortunately, I don't have an iPod, iTouch, or iPad so it is useless to me, but for those of you who do have one of them, check it out!


Description from the site:
It’s enough with the life of spoiled pretty girl!! This is a love comedy revolving around the girl who splendidly and heroically gets over her lost love. Aimi Satsukawa powerfully performs a unique funny and pathetic heroine. Supporting actor as her boyfriend is…Neko Hiroshi??

Mister Rococo available for $3.99!