Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas! Taipei Christmas Snaps!

Merry Christmas to all my lovely followers! My family actually doesn't celebrate Christmas here, and it's not actually a big deal (I had a final exam on Christmas Eve....) but some places do still do decorations and big companies do holiday sales~
My mom and I only celebrated winter solstice ;)

I would like to share some Christmas-themed snaps and a wedding proposal my cousins and I stumbled upon. I hope this is a cheerful time for you, Christmas or not, and thank you all for following my blog! If you'd like to share photos of the holiday season in your country, I would really love to see those, too!

First is me and by teddy bear at SOGO, a big department store. The yellow duck is still hugely popular!
 photo WP_000415_zps120d7fa9.jpg

Then my cousins and I went to Taipei 101, where different brands had put up trees:
 photo WP_000424_zpsf7283cce.jpg
 photo WP_000428_zpsbb346160.jpg

And there were two costumed bears you could take photos with:
 photo WP_000425_zpseb5ee787.jpg

A recently renovated place nearby called ATT was also all decorated. I had yet to go to ATT, so we walked around and snapped photos of all the business-funded Christmas decor!
 photo WP_000429_zpsaeab551a.jpg
 photo WP_000435_zps1779f53d.jpg
 photo WP_000436_zps00c91710.jpg
 photo WP_000437_zpsdb6960cc.jpg photo WP_000442_zps43aa58be.jpg
Shoutout to Australia!

 photo WP_000443_zpsdba9af5e.jpg

There were also some foreigners who I think were performers:
 photo WP_000450_zpsad2f001e.jpg

Even Pringles got in on this:
 photo WP_000451_zps2abb3071.jpg

Now, for the lovely marriage proposal we happened across! The hopeful groom-to-be dressed up as Brown, the Line bear sticker:
 photo WP_000458_zpsb51839b9.jpg
 photo WP_000471_zpsf270b236.jpg

So many onlookers! The girl cried and accepted~
 photo WP_000497_zpsb23cc83d.jpg

Some more random snaps:
 photo WP_000499_zps9813d367.jpg
 photo WP_000501_zps3e7cc54d.jpg
Yes, even alcohol companies
 photo WP_000507_zps20367a0b.jpg
I had no idea Disney was doing another movie :o

And on Christmas Eve, we got these at work:
 photo WP_000510_zps696f92d3.jpg

I find this hilariously ironic.

Unfortunately, on Christmas Day, I just went to work, went to class, and actually out of class an hour late!! It's not even Christmas here in Taiwan any more, but I hope the rest of you enjoy it!

Does your country or your family celebrate Christmas or any other winter holidays?