Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life is a Game

How many of you made resolutions for the new year? Huge, fantastic goals that will hopefully come to fruition by the end of 2014?
I personally didn't but I am not good with long-term goals. Instead, I find adding and changing small habits to be much easier for me to handle. Plus, I like instant gratification so if my goals are very small it's like I get to celebrate small successes often!

I've happened across and ADORABLE website that transforms you into a character in your real-life RPG (role-playing game) where achieving goals and exercising habits earn you EXP (experience) and money. Giving in to negative habits results in a loss of HP (health points)

The website is called HabitRPG and I think it is quite fun and easy! It is in its very beginner stages, but you can create and join guilds and accept challenges or create your own.

Give it a go if you enjoy games and goals! It is completely free, though you can donate money for gems and unlock special features, such as more custom features for your avatar.

I've only just started on the site, so I'm not 100% sure how all the features work yet. It has its own wiki for questions, as well as forums for discussion. There are mobile versions for Android and iOS, but not WindowsPhone (sobbing!) so you can take it with you! My API is 32aaafb7-4f9f-4047-ad98-13c02d364a88 so if you join, perhaps we can start a party :D

Eventually there are going to be pets you can find and raise as well as other RPG features like boss battles I believe. I haven't leveled up enough to upgrade any of my gear, but I hope to keep up with this!

Does anybody else have an account? Or will you be making one?