Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barbie Cafe in Taipei

Lolita has brought many stranger together, and today I finally got to meet an online Lolita friend, Helen/Elenoa! We went to the Barbie Cafe in Taipei ^_^v and walk around and chat. It was pouring out, but we were too fab to care.

 photo WP_001159_zpsa8282726.jpg

It's been over a year since I wore Lolita, so today felt extra good! I also tried a new makeup shadow look using vertical gradient, which I'd avoided before due to having double lids, which creates a "break" in the colors. It's difficult to tell here, but I decided to mix blue and pink below and above my crease so it's extra cool:
 photo WP_001154_zpsf2ec2663.jpg

The Barbie Cafe is EXTREMELY pink and fluffy! I'll just let you see some photos we took:
 photo WP_001147_zpse9f051f2.jpg

 photo WP_001144_zps474c58ce.jpg

 photo WP_001143_zps2ec327c1.jpg
Me when I'm normal

 photo WP_001134_zpsfb2b3625.jpg
This is actually the door to a bathroom stall in the bathroom!

 photo WP_001128_zpsea383c64.jpg
I'm a Barbie Girl

 photo WP_001127_zpsfbaf284f.jpg
With Barbie ice cream

 photo WP_001121_zpsed8caf18.jpg
Helen is a Barbie Girl with bedazzled salt and pepper shakers. The backlight was strong and I tried to fix it on Google+ haha! She's not really that red/pink!

 photo WP_001110_zps1d24dec7.jpg
My face is really strained here because I am not good at self-taking photos... check out Barbie's perfect smile instead!!!

 photo WP_001097_zps31709589.jpg
This is the outside so you can't miss it! BRIGHT LIGHTS SCREAMING BARBIE!!!!

 photo WP_001095_zps7b24505b.jpg
Here is a quick outfit shot of the day!
Outfit Rundown:
bolero, sweater, tights: Offbrand
biscuit bag: a shop on (I don't remember it because it was a group order!)
shoes: AN*TAI*NA
everything else: handmade by me