Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Catlaxy Exhibit

I've finally (mostly) finished moving to a new apartment!  Hooray!  Ahem, anyway, this is not about my move~

Yesterday Doro and I met up at Stayreal Cafe (web) to see a small exhibit for stray cats. To be perfectly blunt, the exhibit was not executed very well, but it was a nice thought and still a lot of fun to take photos with! Plus, the full ticket price (NT$100) was donated so that's good ^_~v

Teddy's teaser photo
The exhibit was located in the basement of Stayreal Cafe, which was opened by a band member of 五月天/Mayday. There are always many tourists there so we had to wait about 40 minutes for a table.
Special edition drinks for the exhibit
Throughout the first floor of the cafe, there were many printouts of stray cats stuck throughout the displays.  Though cheap and pretty dinged up, they were still cute.

Doro and I both ordered the special edition drinks. Doro also ordered the special rice, but since the savory foods contained meat, I ordered a regular dish. The desserts were not so special, so we passed on those.

Meringue paw!
 Normally, I am not a fan of rose milk tea, but this was very cute! Luckily, it was not cloyingly sweet either. The meringue and cream were sweet enough as is!!
The prices are rather high, which can be expected of a celebrity-owned brand and shop.

Fortunately, the staff did not impose the regular time limit on eating so Doro and I actually ended up chatting for in incredibly long time!

When we finally made it downstairs, we were given little cat-mask punchouts that served as the tickets. They also fit over the 3D glasses required to view the photos. Of course, they photos don't look good without the lens, so I did not take any photos.  Really, the photos weren't very good either. They were Photoshop collages of a model (mostly Lolitas), some stray cats, and a background. 
Immersing myself into a cat world
There was, however, an impressive big white cat you can take photos with!!
We are cats!
Sleeping in the galaxy
We spent a long time getting photos with this cat. It wasn't until maybe 15 minutes later that Doro suddenly exclaimed that the cat was breathing! Upon closer inspection (with the 3D lens off, haha! They make the world look strange!) I saw that the cat's chest really was moving!  It was just like the Totoro/Ghibli exhibition!
Big kitty
The last leg of the exhibit was a small room made of mirrors. This includes the floor! Other lolitas had warned us beforehand of this, so we knew to wear full petticoats rather than cage petticoats ^_~v  Though it was only the two of us inside at the time so it's OK.

A projector cycled through four photos on one wall.  I tried to take photos with it (I'm a bit too tall, so you can see the edges of the screen)
All the mirrors
Can I pretend it is springtime in the woods?
There was a QR code you could scan to take a test and see what type of cat suits your personality. Then, they had photos real cats ready for adoption, each labeled with the type of cat personality they created. 
Outfit Rundown:
 Alice and the Pirates
Blouse: Little Dipper
JSK: Angelic Pretty (Antoinette Decoration)
Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Tights: Sanrio
Bag: Swimmer Japan
Ribbon Ring: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
The display window was also decorated!

Overall it was a very fun day!   Though I will not be adopting a cat anytime soon, I hope all those cats find a loving home soon =^.^=

 If you are a fan of Stayreal or Mayday, you may want to give this cafe a visit should you be in the area.  There is a Stayreal fashion shop on the same street ^_~  It's easy to find if you take the correct exit from 忠孝敦化Zhongxian Dunhua station. Take Exit 1, and then take the third left.

Do you like cats? What type of "cat personality" do you prefer? Introvert or extrovert? Independent or clingy?  I personally like clingy cats because I WANT TO FEEL LOVED!!

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