Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward into Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day Princesses!!
Also, Happy Daylight Savings! We have pocketed an hour for fall now :)

While it may be difficult to get up one hour earlier, there is a bit of good news! Caribou Coffee will be offering a free espresso shot today and Monday! I think I will have to go pick up a cup of Caribou Coffee on my way to internship today ;)

Does Starbucks have this deal? I know that some places do not have Caribou Coffee :( I was pretty sad when I went to Taiwan and there was not a Caribou in sight! Though to be honest, I don't really mind whether my coffee comes from Starbucks or Caribou. I just prefer Caribou because I like the interior decoration and the logo better ^^;

So now we have free "moose it" for Daylight Savings, what about Pi Day?

Well, the easiest and most common celebration is to eat some pie!
Have you got the new BABY, the STARS SHINE BRIGHT Very Berry Sweet Pie print?

What a perfect occasion to wear it!

Usually springing forward one hour makes me crabby and late for whatever I happen to be doing that day because I always forget!

But today I did not have early plans and could get up at a decent hour (though I was actually awaken by my mommy on the phone talking too loudly...) and take my time getting ready. Waking up is an art, and I prefer not to keep clocks by my bedside so that I will not feel rushed when I am slowly making my way from the Land of Dreams to the Land of Reality. Hopefully, I will be able to compose an entry (or maybe series) of posts on bedrooms or just rooms in general :) I have lots of pretty pictures to share! Interior decorating is one of my secret hobbies ;) I want to make all my rooms look princessy and Rococo! Hopefully I will be able to decorate when I move later this year :D

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