Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lolita Online!

Sorry for a lack of updates recently! I am still getting settled, but have actually been spending a LOT of time online. So I am here today to share some things I have found online. This is really only relevant if you understand Chinese, though, because they are all Chinese sites.

Taiwan BBS Lolita Board
a sub board on the Taiwan BBS forums. It has quite a bit of advertisement and random links everywhere that I don't like :/ The layout makes it rather hard to follow, too in my opinion. This is the board I have been on for the past few months, trying to figure out how Taiwanese lolita fashion is, and if it is different from what I am used to in America
The sidebar provides links to the other sub boards like punk, cosplay, general life boards, etc.

Lolita Online
This forum is Chinese-based but not Taiwan specific. The layout is much better and easier to follow in my opinion (also no adverts everywhere!), and there is a "British English" language option. Most of the posts are in Chinese, though occasionally there are posters who type mainly in English. I only joined a couple days ago, but it seems a nice forum so far :)

Those are the two main forums I could find!

Another website of interest is a teahouse that the Taipei lolitas are planning a meetup at. Unfortunately... I cannot attend because I will be at language camp.

Very beautiful website! Unfortunately it is a fairly expensive place...
It has French style afternoon tea and the site has lots of photos to browse even if you can't read the writings :) I really hope that I can visit here sometime!

Well, it is 3AM and I have been awake for 4 hours. Jet lag is a terrible, terrible thing and has resulted in much Pokemon being played.