Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed!

Or should I say, the Butterfly has landed? I do not feel very fierce like an eagle!

I landed in Taiwan at 9:30 PM yesterday (Taipei time) and am pretty tired! The trip was fairly uneventful. Flight attendants on the MN to Tokyo leg of the trip were rather less friendly than I expected :/ And the food was awful. The sandwich we were given as a snack had a VERY strong chemical odor to it, and left a chemical aftertaste in my mouth for about an hour after eating it.

The fact that about 2 days before leaving I saw a news report about airline food safety violations did not help ease my worries at all. On the positive side, I do not eat meat so I pretty much just ate rice, salad, and bread for every meal :) Hopefully that reduces my chance of food poisoning? I know for a fact that airlines and airports have pretty poor sanitation. I worked for 2 years at the Minneapolis St.Paul International Airport, and yes, I have seen mice there. The one that scurries around the backroom of our store is named Charlie. While it is true that Duty Free does not serve food, Chili's happens to be right next door. And Charlie often paid a visit there. Perhaps we should all bring our own sandwiches and snacks from home in the future...

The service from Tokyo to Taipei was much, much better. Flight attendants were much more polite and did not run into things with their carts. They also did not tell people to serve themselves (that actually happened on the way over to Tokyo - I was pretty shocked!)

I did not get any photos from any of the airports I was in because the connection was too tight at the Tokyo airport (I would have loved to get photos there!) and I was so tired when finally landing at Taipei. Our flight was slightly delayed from MN to Tokyo so as soon as we landed I had to get to the gate and boarding began right away! I also did not get any photos of my outfit! I wore a casual lolita dress that did not fit in my suitcase. It was the white Alice JSK that I made for NakamaCon. Very good for traveling because the A-line shape looks fine without a petticoat and can pass for a regular sundress when worn without a blouse. I did bring a thin cardi to wear over it for the cold airplane rides, but removed it as soon as I landed because Taiwan is so hot and muggy right now! My hair was kept in simple braided pigtails and the only jewelry I wore was my BABY ribbon lace-up ring that I always wear :)

In about a week I will be attending a language immersion camp for a month! I hope to have some fun photos to share by then :)