Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick, Say Something!

My apologies for lack of updates for a long time! I have been having some personal life issues. I was planning on getting a sewing tutorial up, but have been unable to complete it so far, sorry! It should be up relatively soon. I am making a ribbon bustle skirt with adjustable bustles, but decided to do some experimenting which went wrong ^^; Don't worry, it is still wearable and I fixed it so it looks perfect on the outside, but is ugly on the inside, and I HATE that! Originally it was going to go for sale on ArtFire, but now I don't want to because I feel like it is not my best work... The fabric is gorgeous, though ♥

Let's talk about something much happier! Do you know what is happening next Saturday, on December 4th? It is International LoliDay! I love that International Lolita Day happens twice a year because one can show both a lovely summer outfit and a fancy, layered winter outfit. LoliDay is the best time to experiment with new coordinates, new color combos, and accessorize to your heart's content! Normally I opt for comfort and practicality over looking perfect, but I hope to be able to put some finishing touches on a new dress to wear by LoliDay and go shopping for matching accessories.

Being in Taiwan, however, winter feels.... not really like winter to me... In Minnesota, Winter LoliDay meant my handmade pink, wool coat, layred tights, socks, and knee-high boots, long sleeves under a JSK and maybe a cardigan,and a cute bunny hat and lamb scarf! Also matching pink gloves to keep my fingerstips from going numb in the bitter cold. Now, I can get away with wearing just a light cardigan. Not nearly as many layering options! This year I will focus on accessories and details like hair, make, and nail to make up for the lack of layers

Activity-wise, there are no meetups planned, so I am going to make it a day of shopping! There are some shopping districts I would like to browse (though I haven't got much money, so it will mostly be looking only) and a 24-hour bookstore to peruse. I am thinking of treating myself to a Starbucks seasonal drink.

This may sound silly, being that Starbucks is HUGE in America, but I honestly have hardly ever tried any of their drinks, and didn't know about the seasonal ones ^^; I always went for Caribou Coffee! Simply because I liked the decor and logo better. Of course, later I also learned about how they used Free Trade coffee and they re-branded recently and started using REAL chocolate chips instead of powder, and basically, are a more decadent version of Starbucks. Not knocking Starbucks though, as I have tried a couple drinks so far and like it :) Gourmet coffee is a real treat to me, though I know many people see it as a daily routine :P And holidays are a time for indulgence, so indulge I shall!

Other ideas for LoliDay include:

*Photoshoots ~ Alone with a self-timer, with some good friends, or as a group professionally, document your LoliDay coordinate!

*Go on an Adventure! ~ Rekindle the childhood spirit of adventure and go somewhere new! One Person Party or take a crew?

*Take a Day Off ~ Stay home and relax, or hang out with a friend at home. Read a good book, watch movies, and eat yummy snacks!

*Bake a Treat ~ Unleash your inner kitchen witch and whip up some munchies in the kitchen! Perhaps try your hand at a GLB recipe?

*Take a Treat ~ Not in the mood to create? How about visiting a local bakery or cafe to treat yourself to a lovely drink and pasty. Most pastries or cakes are cute and lend themselves to being good subjects for food photography. I love food photography *u*

What are your plans for LoliDay?
Has your local group got a meet-up planned? Are you doing something alone or just with a friend? Share your ideas in the comments! I am interested to hear what you are going to do!