Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Life Looks Down, Pick it Up with some Hot Chocolate?

Recently life has been a bit more down than usual. To make a long story short, my cousin had heart surgery (don't worry, she's fine now!), we went to KTV but my cousins got in trouble with their mom because apparently they are NOT allowed to go KTV without adult supervision, which they failed to mention to me, I went to my great aunt's funeral, forgot to bring the 奠儀 (white envelope? Gift of money for the family of the deceased) and had to mail it, and then I got in trouble with my grandmother because my great aunt's funeral apparently "took too long". Yea, I don't really understand the last one either.

Anyway, I don't like to mope around thinking about bad things, so I am going to share some NICE things now! Yesterday my aunt, my cousins Vanessa, Libby, Steven, and I went to the night market. We tried a chocolate milk stall where he really melted down chocolate and heated milk and mixed it together. Since the weather has been chilly recently (9*C/48.2*F), hot chocolate milk really feels like a pick-me-up! While it is not quite the same effect as a big, steaming mug of cocoa after shoveling snow for an hour, it is still really nice and makes a gloomy week seem better.

So today I am going to link to some hot chocolate recipes (and don't forget the delicious-looking photos!) from some food blogs I follow! Real hot chocolate made with melted chocolate, not a mix, has a thick, creamy richness that just cannot be replaced!

3 Types of Hot Chocolate from Victoriana
Warm Chocolate Soother ooh I just love the name! It is a more complex recipe, but is described as "drinking brownies" which is enough to make me want it!
Roasted Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Also includes some tips on making hot chocolate in general. It took me ages to figure out that adding a bit of hot water to the cocoa powder to make a paste first lets it blend with the hot milk better!
Gourmet Hot Chocolate A "hot chocolate bar" party sounds AMAZING! This posts includes some creative flavor ideas and recipes, and even a video :Þ

Well, I hope that you are inspired to go make some real hot chocolate now :) Enjoy the small things in life!