Friday, December 31, 2010

Diary Post~60s Style and New Year!

: "My fashion class chose 60s as the topic to wear to class on 12-30! So this is what I wore :) I even did the makeup with top and bottom falsies, but you cannot see it very well ^^;"

My Technical Drawing class spends a lot of time chatting :D I love that class, and the people in it! So last week we learned about different eras of fashion (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s) and decided that yesterday was going to be 60s theme and all wore 60s style clothing! This is my take on it

Honestly, I am not very style-savvy, so it is hard for me to do challenges like this! It is fun, though :) This is the shortest skirt I have ever worn in my life with no safety pants! O_O I definitely prefer lolita skirts more... I could hardly bend over in this mini-length!

Next week we have no class, but the week after is 70s style, and I'm aiming for 70s British Punk. We'll see how that goes...

This class has made me think more creatively (surprising, since it is a technical drawing class where we learned how to draw flats...) and I would eventually like to do style challenges like this within Lolita Fashion. It really helps you expand your wardrobe and see old clothes in new light!

I would also like to wish everybody a Happy New Year! After work today I am meeting up with a friend to go see the fireworks at Taipei 101. It will be extra spectacular this year because it is Taiwan's 100th year! 10/10 was the "birthday" which is sort of like 4th of July in the USA (Independence Day) where it is sort of already the 100th year, but we don't start writing 100 until 2011 starts... yes, confusing now that I think about it...

I'll be sure to take photos!

What are you doing for New Year? Have you got any New Year's Resolutions planned?