Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fully Alive! A Meetup Photopost and Misako in China (NanJing)

Hello! Sorry for the brief hiatus - I have not been on the Internet much lately! Taiwan has been mostly unaffected by the earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami (we were previously on tsunami watch). I hope that Japan will be able to rebuild and recover quickly! Brightest Blessings to them in their time of need ♥

Today I went to the hospital to see my grandpa who had his heart operation today. It went fairly smoothly, but he needs to be in observation for a couple days *cross fingers*

On Sunday I went to a Lolita meetup! The weather was lovely and we went to a cafe and then walked around a huge park. I met a new Lolita (she knew everybody else already) and it was really fun! A couple photos after the cut:

The cafe we went to was a pet-friendly one called Elephant Garden:

Group Shot:

Shoe Shot:

Print Shot:

Finger Star:

There were lots of dogs there! It was really fun :)
I also received a strawberry purse (IW replica) and Little Bear Cafe skirt in mint so I will be doing a review on those :)

Last but not least, a video of Misako in NanJing! It is only in Japanese and Chinese though ;D Enjoy looking at the clothes though!

Flash Link