Friday, March 4, 2011

The Necessity of Technology


Erm, maybe not quite so dramatically...

So I have been unplugged for the past few days while moving in and setting up the Internet. I logged on and checked my social networking sites to find that I had missed a couple hundred posts on my LJ friendslist, over 100 on Plurk, and had a ton of new notifications on Facebook. Not to mention the pile of blogs I follow!

In the age of the Internet, technology keeps us all interconnected and allows friendships that would not have been possible before! LiveJournal has brought thousands of Lolitas together on the EGL community. I met the Taiwanese Lolitas through Taiwan BBS but we plan events and GOs on Plurk. We can share the details of our lives through photos or webchats (EGLchat, anyone?) and can find pretty much anything online. Since starting this blog, I have found how much fun it is to make tutorials and chat with people in the comments section. Thank you all for being here!

Anyway, I am excited to have my own space and much more freedom now! Still in the process of unloading my clothes (you don't realize how much clothing you have until you need to buy hangers for them all...) and setting up my sewing room. I think I could have gotten away with only 2 suitcases rather than 3 if my closet wasn't composed mainly of frilly dresses and skirts. Lolita takes up a LOT of room! Rest assured, after the machines are up and running more sewing tutorials will be forthcoming when I pick up some more fabric!

And after I buy a camera. The one I had previously been using was actually my grandma's, and I returned it to her when I moved out :) As with all electronics, I am ridiculously clueless about specs and functions, and only know that I want it in a milky pink color. I will show you all a snap of my electronics when I get the camera. It is pretty... pink...

If anybody has a recommendation for a camera that fits my needs, please comment below!
All I want is:
1) Milky Pink color
2) Digital camera that takes SD memory card (COUGHsonyCOUGH)
3) Automatic as much as possible so I don't have to mess with settings I don't understand!
4) Around NT$3000-$5000/US$100-150

Otherwise I might end up with something like this:

It is a "toy digital camera" the size of a name card though. I still sort of want to get one XD The listing is here if you are interested in the photo quality or more specs :)

You see, I am totally useless v_v

Last but not least, what TYPES of sewing tutorial are you interested in? I was planning on doing a half-elastic waist skirt next. Slowly moving up in the scale of difficulty ;)

Are you more interested in accessories, headwear, more skirts, furniture covers (haha), etc.? In order to teach JSKs and OPs I think I would have to do some patterning tutorials first, which I find harder to teach via Internet, but I think it could be done if there is enough interest :) ORIcan show you all the easier types of JSK or OP which involves elastic for most of the fitting (plus, it is comfy!). Roomwear type of dresses? Let me know!