Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rapunzel's LookBook

Recently I received a comment about the fact that I don't style my hair or wear makeup enough. While that may be somewhat true, a part of the reason is because I simply don't take photos of my experimental hair styles :P

So I am going to start a collection series of what I do with my hair. Even if it ends up not looking good XD Maybe it will end up inspiring some of you to try something that DOES look good! When I am bored I like to scour the Internet looking for new things to do with my hair. It is difficult to style my hair for a variety of reasons:
1) I don't use heat stylers. At all. No curling irons, straighteners, crimpers, etc. When you see my hair curled, it's because I used sponge curlers and slept in them overnight ;D
2) I don't use hair styling products. I could count the number of times I've used hairspray on one hand! My current idea of "using product in my hair" is using leave-in conditioner to make my hair soft and smooth :D
3) I prefer not to backcomb. Backcombing hair is quite damaging. It does give a lovely amount of volume, but I only backcomb my hair for special occassions and meetups. In this series, I plan on doing DAILY looks, so probably no backcombing in sight!

As you can see, that eliminates the vast majority of Lolita hair tutorials D: What can I say? I am too picky! Perhaps I am too stuck on the idea of "natural" beauty, but that is simply my style :P Braids will most likely be featured prominently in the future~

I hope this series can become useful in the future! And hopefully help me track some progress and ideas :D

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Photobucket Double French Braid Pigtails. Very simple if you know how to French braid. I am terrible at it, but practicing! Dress it up with cute hair ties ♥ I am using Strawberry hair ties here because I was wearing a strawberry skirt.
Point! A good variation on this style is to loop the pigtails back up if your hair is long enough!

This is a similar style, but on the side. French braid one side to the ear, then braid the other side in a wraparound style to meet with the first braid and braid them together. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to wrap the braid around your head. A mirror will be very helpful!!

Photobucket This one is super simple. Make a low side ponytail, create a hole above the ponytail holder, and flip the ponytail through. Decorate with hair corsages or ribbons of your choice. The flower clips pictured here are from Surface Spell on! I got 10 of them and they are so handy!

So these first three are quite simple, but in the future I want to post more of my hair "experiments" here ^0^v
If there are any questions, suggestions, tutorial requests, etc. please let me know in the comments!
Most of the natural long hair styles I have seen are historic reenactment styles which would work nicely for Classical Lolita, but I am hoping to find more cute or sweet styles, so if you have any pictures, links, ideas, please send them my way!