Monday, September 5, 2011

Ribbon and Lace Wonderland Finish!

Woohoo I finally finished and mailed out my Ribbon and Lace Wonderland clothing line!! It was ridiculously expensive to mail (over US$40) but I really hope it is going to turn out well!! See my previously finished pieces in this post. I am currently setting up a website on but will probably be selling on Etsy at first. There is nothing on my shop yet, but I will be updating it as I get further along! Now, without further ado, a sneak peek at my Fall/Winter 2011 collection!
Photobucket Photobucket
A knitwear jacket with a faux-tailored look and beautiful buttons. It is a sweatshirt-like material for warmth and comfort, but fits like a tailored jacket. Wonderful for chilly autumn days!
Shorts Salopette
Layers of ruffles on the chest and a hand-covered button!
This outfit is my first foray into a more boyish-yet-girly look, if that makes any sense!
Ruffle Skirt Salopette! The ruffles are all pattern-matched so the same pattern appears all the way around. It was quite time-consuming to do so, but it looks so much better than mismatched ruffles would have!

More hand-covered button~
One Piece!
I love these ribbons on the chest

Sorry for any bad lighting, but since I no longer have any photo-editing programs I cannot change the photos from when they were taken. These are also all sample items and may differ from the final product I will be selling.

For example, I know for sure I am going to add one more layer of ruffle to the One Piece!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and stay tuned for updates! Any comments, questions, etc. are welcome!