Saturday, October 22, 2011

In This Town We Call Home, Everybody's Singing the Pumpkin Song~

How has school been going for everybody? ^________________^

That was my sneaky way of saying "Oh man I don't have anything interesting going on other than school and work in my life and that is not interesting at all!"

While I do try to keep my blog Lolita-orientated, sometimes I just want to post about other things. Like Pokemon. I just bought Pokemon Black and am addicted. I play it on the MRT (subway) all the time! The starter I chose is 水水獺/Oshawatt! And I have decided that I cannot let him evolve D: He is just too cute!

Which brings me to today's topic.... HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!

Image from Alice and the Pirates

Trick Cat by Alice and the Pirates

I actually think this skirt is pretty cute, but I wouldn't really associate it with Lolita if I had just seen it in a store.
The pants version looks like it would be a cute punk-ish outfit just to wear around, though!
Image from Alice and the Pirates

Angelic Pretty also whipped up a more Lolita-esque witch outfit:
Photobucket Photobucket
Images from Angelic Pretty

Individually, it would be easy to work the pieces into other coordinates, so you can get more use out of them! The little witch hat (which is adorable!) is the only one that looks more costume-y (and possibly the arm warmers) but pointed hats were totally in style in the 15-16 century with the ladies~ (Haha I am taking Western Fashion History...)

Additionally Angelic Pretty is having a Halloween Fair! I can't read that blog post, but it looks cute anyway :P

Last year for Halloween I simply went as Hime Lolita and told people I was a princess. Halloween is definitely not a big thing here in Taiwan :( Only nightclubs (the ones popular with foreigners, anyway) seem to host events. This year I decided to actually make a costume!

I will be... NOT A LOLITA!

Because sadly I cannot attend the Lolita Halloween mask-themed meetup on the 30th - instead, I get to take a test at 9:30AM!! And then go on a class field trip! ^_________^

Instead, I will be... A DINOSAUR!

And if I have time, I want to make Oshawatt, too :P
The cram school I teach at is hosting Halloween events on Thursday and Friday and I think it'd be cool to dress up as 2 different things :) I hope the zippers I ordered get here in time!

I have also been trying to convince my classmates at college to wear costumes on the 31st, which falls on a Monday this year. So far, everybody thinks it would be fun, but is afraid to be the only one who does it ;_;

What are you going to be for Halloween? Does your country even celebrate it??

Here's a very attractive photo of me to help you get into the spirit of spooky!
Photo from a mini-meet with one other Lolita for 10/10, Taiwan's birthday (happy 100th!)

And on another note, would random "daily life" type posts be a plus or minus to this blog? I mean things like posting about Pokemon or interesting things I learned in school (since I am studying fashion) etc. A lot of idols post just FOOD PHOTOS and I still like to see it, but I know not everybody wants a billion updates all the time :P