Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Gloom

There has been an unfortunate invasion of The Gloom. It attacks during periods of stress, insomnia, and rainy weather.

The Gloom is the reason for a lack of posts recently. That, plus I actually am not too sure what to post about! I should probably take more outfit shots, but tend to forget because Lolita is quite the norm for me so I don't even think about it!

Recently I have been doing quite a bit of sewing, so there will probably be a sewing post soon :) I made a skirt-to-pants salopette based on the Putumayo transforming dress:

I am not a fan of the JSK style or full-shirring, so I made it a salopette instead. I plan to wear it to the Lolita meetup on the 20th, so photos will come then!

In addition to that, I have also successfully made a MAGICAL WALLET that separates bills from coins when you throw them all in.

I made it as a Secret Santa gift based on a design I saw at the Design Expo I went to in mid-October. Unfortunately, everything was behind glass and it was quite difficult to tell how the wallet was made, so I had to make everything up. After a failed attempt (it was still a functional wallet, so I gave it to my sister) I finally figured out how to layer the fabrics to make it MAGICAL!

While not strictly Lolita, this wallet is a good way to use up excess scraps from previous sewing projects (all those bloomers and JSKs leave quite a bit of random scraps!) so if there is any interest, I can write a tutorial for the wallet. It is not difficult, and makes a nice gift! I have already made another one to send to a Lolita girlfriend back in MN. Having a cute wallet to match your outfit is pretty important, right?

If I do more sewing tutorials, would you prefer video format or photo format as I have been doing previously?
I have been considering doing video tutorials because sometimes it is easier to show on video than in photos, but I don't have a good video editor so it may not end up being better. Maybe MS Paint + photos is actually better XD

Let me know if you have a preference (or should I do both??) or any tutorial requests!