Friday, March 16, 2012

Sparkle Stitches~ Wrist Stoppers

Known as wrist stops, wrist stoppers, wrist cuffs, lace cuffs, cuffs, etc. these accessories are quite easy to make by hand or by machine, and really add points to any coordinate!

Separate cuffs are not seen nearly as frequently in any fashion other than Lolita. They are useful for adding interest to your arms, lengthening sleeves, or just making your sleeves fancier.

There is even a post on BABY's blog on How to Use Lace Cuffs! They are so cute when worn on Usakumya-chan's ears!

I took photos as I made mine, but since I used white-on-white lace, the photos were pretty useless O_Q

Honestly, these are so simple you can just look at photos of wrist cuffs and make your own!

Ribbon-type cuffs made with crochet cotton lace

Elastic type cuffs with a ribbon sewn on, creating a ribbon look

Different types and thicknesses of lace
Needle and Thread

1) Layer your lace to see how they will look when finished. You can also try sewing 2 thinner laces together to make a wider lace! Beading lace looks lovely with a ribbon woven through it, making the wrist stops adjustable! Make sure the length of your lace is enough to create gathers around your wrist.

2) Sew your lace together. It is possible to gather one lace onto another one for extra fullness!

3) Add your ribbon or elastic. Elastic cuffs are easier to get on and off. Simple stitch the elastic to the underside of the lace, stretching the elastic as you go. Make sure your elastic is tight enough to prevent the cuffs from spinning around freely on your wrists, but loose enough you don't lose circulation! If you would like to get fancy, you can create a channel for your elastic out of lace or fabric (I recommend bias tape)
Ribbon wrist cuffs are adjustable, but may come undone easily!

4) Add beads, pearls, charms, ribbon, etc.! Sew a teddy bear on if you so wish! Wrist cuffs are a nice way to add some slightly more over-the-top accents to your outfit because they are small and can easily be changed out for more demure wrist cuffs should you need to tone an outfit down for daily wear~

Charm cuffs made with layered cotton lace

amigurumi-type cuffs on cotton lace!

My cuffs! Mine are elastic with ribbon sewn on! I used cotton lace layered over embroidered netting lace